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Winter, Temperatures, Fire and Ice

Jun 23, 2023


Winter, Temperatures, Fire & Ice









Ww – Winter

We eased into this week with a theme discussion about our seasons and the type of temperature we get in each season. We also discussed the kind of clothes we wear in winter.

We tapped into our creative side and made a melting snowman. These turned out so cute. We started with painting the melting snowman’s body. Once it had dried, the children stuck buttons on as eyes, a hat, a carrot nose and some wool for a scarf. We looked for little twigs we could use for the snowman’s arms.  

On Monday, for our FunFit sport session with coach Trever, the Hoppers were divided into two teams; each team had to zigzag in and out of cones, hop to a big tub of balls, get a ball and hope back and throw the ball into a bucket. The team with the most balls in the bucket within five minutes won. They enjoyed this activity. 

On Tuesday, for yoga, they used their senses to guess what was in a mystery bag. Each yogi got a chance to feel around in the bag, with their eyes closed, and select 1 item to squeeze, feel, shake, and smell. The yogis then had to describe the item using textures, hard or soft, shapes, what it’s made of etc.  

We made delicious hot chocolate with mini marshmallows on Wednesday for our cooking lesson. This was a big hit! 

Friday was by far the best day ever! Book Character Dress Up was a hit with high excitement levels, filled with a lot of fantasy and laughs. 

Have a lovely mid-term break! We will see you on Monday the 3rd of July.


Have A Wonderful Mid-Term Break! ... Keep Warm! ... Safe Travels To Those Going Away!


 Dates to Diarise: 

3 July: Back to School

5 July: Reptile Day

7 July: Hearing Tests (details to follow soon)

12 July: Haircut Day

15 July: EcoKids Concert

18 July: Nelson Mandela Day

21 July: Eye Screening


Lots of love

Teacher Kate-Lynn, Teacher Katy and the Happy Hoppers Assistants

Fun Activities To Keep Warm!

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