Theme: Recycling and Caring for our World

Theme: Recycling

Letter: Rr – Recycling

Number: 2

Shape: Triangle

Colour: Green

Moral Conscience Theme: Responsibility to the Environment

This is our JAM! A theme so close to our hearts. So special to us at EcoKids. We are so passionate about teaching the next generation to respect and preserve the Earth. We just love making something new out of “nothing” and we love it when we can see that they have a concept of recycling from such a young age – then it becomes normal and ingrained in them and it is just “what they do”…

We had great fun picking up (strategically thrown) “rubbish” to put it into the correct recycle bins – such a fun and worthwhile activity! We practiced our cutting skills with scissors and ripped up newspaper for our beautiful, recycled Earth pictures. We also used the hammer and smashed some coffee pods down to make petals for a gorgeous, recycled flower! We hope it finds a place in your home somewhere… This was a great fine motor activity and is always good for letting off steam and expending extra energy! It is amazing what beautiful creations can be made from 100% recycled items… even the wood we used was offcuts from carpenter Sammy’s workshop!

This week we focused on learning colours and hand eye coordination with Brad for FunFit Sport. Yoga is going so well and the children are really improving every week.

We are so heartbroken to see so many children absent and not having fun at school but we totally understand. We too, feel like the world is going a little bit bonkers at the moment. All we can do is send prayers and hope to all of you during this ridiculously difficult time – for ALL of us. Keep safe, try to stay as healthy as you can and try to stay at home as much as you can. We love and miss all our Pups and their siblings (some of whom we have not even met yet…) Corona must LEAVE us all alone now….

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you on Monday. Keep us informed of any decisions you make and remember, we will all get through this together and the only thing we can do is actually have a positive outlook, “keep calm, and carry on”…

Much love,

Teresa and Jules, Thandeka and Thandy


Theme: Occupations and People Who Help Us

Theme: Occupations and People who help us

Colour: Blue

Shape: Circle

Number: Recap 1-10

Moral Conscience Theme: Being a young hero


“The real question about life should be “who do you want to be?” when you grow up, not what? Faith is the blueprint of our dreams, action is the builder.”

It is always such a treat to be able to hear and listen to children’s plans for the future… they always have the most open minds and innocent thoughts and ideas and when you listen close enough, they may just alter the way you think about and process life and its decisions.

And this is exactly what we did this week.  We sat down, ask our Bugs who and what they wanted to be when they grow up, and the answers we got were priceless!  From Pilots to Princesses, Vets to Teachers, Firemen to Policemen, and Mommies and Daddies. We discussed EVERYTHING!!  From what the different occupations do during the day to what they wear to work, the different protection needed for different jobs and how they help our everyday lives.

Thank you for dressing so beautifully Bugs!  You little people are such a huge inspiration to your teachers and we can’t wait to see how your future turns out and what you really grow up to be.

For our art piece this week, we got to choose what we wanted to be when we grow up, and colour in the hat that those people wear. We had doctors, firefighters, chefs, pilots and police officers. The Bugs looked so cute in their hats!

We also did another art piece, but loved it so much that we have decided to keep it for art expo!

Don’t forget that next week is the Easter long weekend.  School will be closed from and including Friday the 2nd up to and including Monday the 5th (we come back to school on Tuesday the 6th).

Have a lovely weekend.  Stay dry and warm and use this perfect cuddle and snuggle weather to snuggle up to your amazing families this weekend.

Lots of Love

The Busy Bugs Teachers and Assistants

Next Week’s Theme:

-Autumn and Easter

Theme: My Pets

Theme: My Pets

Letter: Pp – Pets

Number: 3

Shape: Diamond

Colour: Black

Moral Conscience theme: Courage    


What a fun week this was – all about MY PETS! The children had such fun telling us (with loads of prompting) all about their pets. We learned all about the different pets a person can have, from the tiny creepy crawlies like silkworms to the BIG animals like horses! A pet is a special animal that we can have living in or at our homes – they don’t always have to love inside – but they are tame and friendly and become a part of the family. They need us to look after them! The kids were very clever here and were able to tell us that their pets need food and water every day. We also have to clean up after our pets and make sure they have a safe and warm place to sleep every night. Some pets need special care! Fish need to live in water and we can’t cuddle them. Bunnies and kittens can live inside but need to le let out if they need the toilet! Dogs and puppies are fun but they need lots of walks because they have loads of energy! A horse is a big responsibility! They need to be exercised and worked every day and they eat a lot of food! It is important to give your pets loads of attention and always wash your hands after you have played with them. If they ever get sick, it is important to take them to the vet! A vet is a special doctor that we can take our pets to when they aren’t feeling well. Having a pet is loads of fun but also a lot of hard work!

This week was jam packed with fun activities – we had FunFit Sport inside this week because it was rainy and wet that day but Coach Brad did an amazing game with us and it was such fun! The children all waited their turn so nicely and it is amazing to see their development in this area. Yoga on the driveway is also going so well and the children now see Teacher Nicole and start shouting “Yoga! Yoga!” – they get so excited and they are following her movements and instructions so well! Yoga in the fresh air is a weekly highlight for them and it’s lovely to see them being able to follow instructions so nicely. We did a beautiful painting activity involving some fine motor coordination – the children had to figure out how to hold and paint a toilet roll simultaneously. This sounds easy but when you are 2 (sometimes not even…) and you haven’t ever had to negotiate this before – it’s really difficult! They had to figure out how to paint their entire roll themselves. All we did was encourage them to keep turning it and keep painting. If they didn’t want paint on their hands, they had to figure out how to paint it without touching it. Some of the strategies we saw were so cute! Some just didn’t care and got paint everywhere! Others held it between their fingers, sticking their thumb inside it. Others left it on the desk and kept rolling it. Watching their little brains figure things out is truly special. Also, their two hands having to do two totally different actions was very tricky and they did so well! Their cats are super cute but I want to encourage you to look passed what they bring home to see the lessons behind it. This is process art. This is what we do! We also did a lot of threading this week – also amazing fine motor exercise. We used big wooden beads with large holes, and shoelaces. This activity, along with crayon drawing and puzzle building, kept our kiddos entertained for ages this week! They are also LOVING story time and will all sit perfectly still listening to as many as three books. Please read to your children! You are the ones that teach them to LOVE books, stories and using their imaginations. Children are made readers in the laps of their parents!

Another highlight this week was having Brody the Staffie come spend the whole day with us! He spent the whole of Thursday with us and I honestly don’t know who had more fun, him or the kids! He got a whole day of tummy tickles, sleeping in kids’ arms, about 27 Beenos and all the scraps of lunch that fell on the floor! Even our most timid children were loving on him by the end of the day and it was a special treat to have the children interact with a dog the whole day. I wanted to bath him, but didn’t get to it. I will try bring him back for a nice bath sometime this week. We are also going to organise the neighbour to bring her horse to show us. This week was just so full! But next week is just as good!

We hope you all had a lovely week and are looking forward to a nice, long weekend. Remember, there is NO SCHOOL on Monday. We will see you again on Tuesday morning.

Much Love!

Love Teresa and Jules, Thandeka and Thandy



Theme: My Pets

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