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Oct 25, 2022












What can I say except WOW! The past two week’s excitement and build up to our Art Expedition has been mind blowing to say the least. The Pups and Teachers have worked very hard planning and preparing for the day that finally arrived on Thursday 20th October. Seeing all the hard work was definitely worth all the effort that we all made. The night was a huge success full of excitement and surprises. Thank you so much to all the Parents that were able to join us on this very special occasion. To the Parents that weren’t able to join us we missed you so much.

It was so exciting to show off the hard work that the Pups and Teachers have been working on for months. It was such a wonderful evening filled with many jokes and laughs. It was also so wonderful to get to know the families from EcoKids on a different level and many new friendships were built.

For the next few weeks, we will be concentrating on assessements.

Please may I ask you again to please label all your child’s belongings as there are still many items coming to school unlabeled.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

This week’s theme is: Under the Sea



Anyone else got post Art Expo depression?


 Dates to Diarise: 

Mommy & Me Yoga (PP, HH, CC): 27 Oct

Mommy & Me Yoga (BB, SS): 28 Oct


Lots of love

Teacher Cecilia and the Playful Pups Assistants

Our MAGICAL Boys and Girls!

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Caring For Our World: Recycling

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