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My Family

Mar 3, 2023


My Family









Gg – Granny

This week has just flown by so quickly! We spoke about families this week and how special they are to all of us. We discussed how different families can be and that some families are small and some are big but they are all very special. We watched a short little movie about families. We sang the finger family song. 

The Pups had a lot of fun this week. We played with and experienced different textures of material cloth. We also made different games with the material like ‘peek-a-boo’ which made the Pups laugh so much!

Another activity was playing with carton rolls we left the Pups to free play with these rolls to see how creative they could be. We saw microphones, binoculars, garages for their small cars and even funnels come out of the Pups little imaginations!

We did some free painting for a background that we stuck some magazine cut out pictures of family. The Pups did the painting and sicking and I cut out the family pictures we found.

The Pups went to Yoga on Thursday which they always totally enjoy. Teacher Nicole always has such well-planned and thoughtful lessons for the kiddies.

This week at FunFit sports the Pups practised their colours with Coach Dave. He instructed them to climb through a specific colour tire. Once in the cave the Pup had to spot the tire Coach Dave was peeking through and then climb out. Such Fun! 

Well another week gone by and another precious week spent with all of our little Pups!

Next week’s theme is:  My Home

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


We Wanna Know ...

What is your fondest FAMILY memory?


 Dates to Diarise:

8 March: Happy Hoppers Term Meeting

14 March: Pet Demo

15 March: Haircut Day

20 March: School Holiday

21 March: Public Holiday (Human Rights Day)

25 March: EcoKids Sports Day


Lots of love

Teacher Cecilia and the Playful Pups Assistants

Our Playful Pups Family!

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