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Nov 12, 2021


Shops and Shopping









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This week was definitely one of my favourite weeks! Mommy/Daddy and Me Yoga and the Shopping experience. Two events that the Playful Pups really enjoy. Although saying goodbye to them is hard after yoga, they recover quickly, settle down and realise that there is still more to the school day. I loved seeing you interact with your babies and I know your littles really had fun with you! Yoga is a constant in their week and they have grown to really love it and love spending their time with Teacher Nicole who has the best way with them. I’m glad you got to have a little insight into what that looks like!

We started our week with rainy weather forcing us to stay inside and get creative. These Pups love their outside time so much things can get hairy if we stay inside for too long, but they continue to surprise me with their growth and keenness to try something new.

Reports are coming up so this is a perfect opportunity for me to closely observe them and ask them some questions. Spending a few minutes with each of them, one on one, gives them the space to come out of their shells, especially verbally, which is just the best hearing what these little ones have to say and come up with.

We made and coloured in our little wallets for ‘shop shop’ and spoke all about shopping and going to the shops and what they want to buy and what mommy and daddy buy at the shops.

We took a very exciting trip in Principal Anita’s bus up to the preschool EcoShop. They took their bags with their EcoBucks in tow and were so thrilled to go and play on the big playground. I’m so impressed by how all of them hold their own at the preschool and are so confident to be there. We went shopping in pairs. Each Pup got to choose a trolley or basket, the trolley always won! Some were overwhelmed with all the options and didn’t know what to choose, others went in guns blazing and wanted to take it all! As you would all know, trying to explain to a two-year-old that you can only take five items is well, interesting! I’m sure you all can relate when you go shopping – hehe!

They came up to the cashier and unpacked all their goods, gave me their EcoBucks and then went on happily with their packet of chosen goods. Such fun!




The Real Meaning of Christmas!

Please don’t forget that our 12 Days of Christmas initi

ative starts on Monday. Keep an eye out for the daily reminder messages of what to bring. We never really realize how fortunate we are until we see the needs of others. This initiative is an amazing way to help those who need it the most!

Nearly there people….

It is that time of year again, the crazy time where everything just gets busier and chaotic although festive. Let’s stay safe, healthy and push to the end of the year (can’t believe we are nearly there!) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Only 3 short weeks of school left! Don’t forget to look out for the Holiday Club Registration Form coming your way soon!

Holiday Club will run from the 8th till the 17th of December. 


Lots of love

Teacher Jules and the Playful Pups Assistants


Pics from a ship-shape-shopping week! 


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