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Jul 8, 2022











Ll – Lizard

Wow! What a busy, busy week we have had! Where do I even begin!?

We started off the week by making the cutest tortoises, which of course we have kept for art expo so they can be on show for everyone to see. The Pups loved painting the “shells” all the different earthy colours, and teacher Cecilia helped with sticking the heads, eyes and legs wherever they showed her too. The Pups loved learning about all the reptiles and at ring time most of the Pups could tell me the names of the reptiles on the theme board. We learnt that reptiles have scaly skins and that they are usually found under rocks or basking in the warm sun.

Julian from the Wild Ones put on a lovely reptile show for us on Thursday, he came with all the different types of reptiles, insects, rodents and many other animals. The Pups thoroughly enjoyed the show, many of them got to touch Pandora the snake and the Tarantula spiders, some Pups were more brave than Teacher Cecilia was!  Julian did such a great job and we always look forward to seeing him every year during our reptile week!

On Friday we had a visit from the dentist where we learnt all about our teeth and how to take good care of them.  To end off the day we are celebrating our July babies, Colton and Kaylee by having birthday ring. Happy Birthday Little Pups!

We hope you have a lovely weekend, there’s a cold front coming so keep warm!! 





… was definitely when we got a visit from the ‘Snake Man!’ 

We had some very brave kiddies … and some hesitant little ones too!



 Dates to Diarise:

Haircut Day: 13 July

Concert: 16 July

Nelson Mandela Day: 18 July (details to be advised)

Pyjama Dress Up & Break Up Day: 5 August (Holiday Club details to follow)


Lots of love

Teacher Cecilia, and the Playful Pups Assistants

What a sssssssuper week!

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