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Health and Hygiene

Feb 8, 2022


Health & Hygiene










Last week was filled with so much fun! We learnt all about keeping healthy and hygienic.

Writing and Phonics: Last week we reiterated the previous letters but also introduced three brand new letters of the alphabet – ‘’Gg’’, ‘’Hh’’ and ‘’Ii’’. We practiced writing these letters on our white boards first and then we moved onto our handwriting skills in our lined books. The Smart Squad are impressing us each week with their handwriting skills! We added two new sight words this week, ‘’in’’ and ‘’here’’ – which formed our first sentence ‘’look at me in here’’. The children were beyond chuffed that they could read a whole sentence! Congratulations Squad! We made ‘’look’’ glasses and then the children found and circled their sight words! Lastly, they wrote the sentence in their lined books.

Maths: In Maths we worked through basic addition concepts and focused on adding more and more objects. We then had our very own quilt to make using our shape of the week, a triangle! The Squad had to maneuver their triangles into the squares to form their quilt. We also emphasised the colour of the week by cutting out green triangles.

Life Skills: The concept of an apology is always a lovely life skill to learn; the Squad have been practising apologising to those that we may hurt. As teachers, we may sometimes forget to do something and then we demonstrate to the children that we too can apologise. We used different scenarios and worked through ways that we might need to apologise to others.

Art: During ring-time Teacher Amber showed the children how quickly germs spread. She used glitter and the Squad absolutely adored seeing how glitter (germs) spread from their hands to their friends’ arms when they hug each other or how the glitter sprinkles all over when someone sneezes! After this explanation the children created their very own germ monsters using brown paper bags and other bits and bobs! This art activity will be kept for the art expo – we cannot wait for you to see their beautiful and ‘scary’ germ monsters!

 It was an awesome week!



The Crew loved singing our theme song!

 Brush, brush, brush your teeth. Brush them every day!

We put toothpaste on our brush to help stop tooth decay!

Floss, floss, floss your teeth. Floss them every day!

Using the string between the teeth, helps keep plaque away!

Clean, clean, clean your teeth. Clean them every day!

Your teeth will sparkle for many years, in the most beautiful way!


Dates to Diarise:


Kiddies Valentine’s Disco: 11 Feb

(during school)

Haircut Day: 16 Feb

Bon Fire Picnic: 18 Feb

Mid-Term Break: 25th – 28th Feb

(no school, no Holiday Club)





Lots of love

Teacher Amber, Teacher Carla and the Smart Squad Assistants

Our fruit makes us cute!


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