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Mar 3, 2023


My Family









Gg – Granny

Wow! What an exciting and fun short week we have had. During ring time we enjoyed discussing weekend news, our theme of the week as well as the weather and days of the week.

Writing and Phonics: The Squad worked hard on remembering their sight words from last week. For handwriting we traced the letters “p,q,r,” and then wrote them independently.  “a, am, look, at, me, in, here, can, I”

Mathematics: This week we discussed different ways to measure and then completed a worksheet where they had to count the number of blocks under the objects and write the correct measurement on the line provided. We also practiced counting 1-30 and backwards from 30.

Creative Art: The squad drew their own family portrait and added a frame around followed by completing their own family tree and colouring it in.

Music and Cooking: On Tuesday for cooking the squad made a delicious salad, they peeled the carrots, shredded the lettuce and cut the tomato into cubes. The whole school then enjoyed this healthy snack as part of their lunch. Well done Eco Chefs!

For music the Squad played musical chairs as well as enjoyed the freeze dance song. This is great to improve their speed, balance, rhythm, coordination, as well as concentration and listening skills.

Moral Conscious: As communicators the Squad express themselves confidently and creatively in many ways as well as listen carefully to the perspectives of other individuals. Good communicators also create leadership and resilience in the face of challenges and change.

FunFit Sports: Coach Dave will be getting the kiddies ready for Sports Day at FunFit Sports over the next few weeks …  we don’t want to give away what the children will be doing on the day! Remember to diarise the 25th of March so you can see where all the “Bugs” hard work has gone into!

We Wanna Know ...

What is your fondest FAMILY memory?


 Dates to Diarise:

8 March: Happy Hoppers Term Meeting

14 March: Pet Demo

15 March: Haircut Day

20 March: School Holiday

21 March: Public Holiday (Human Rights Day)

25 March: EcoKids Sports Day


Lots of love

Teacher Carla, Teacher Hayley and the Smart Squad Assistants

Our Smart Squad Family!

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