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Shops and Shopping

Nov 18, 2022


Shops & Shopping




Oval/Triangular Prism





Qq – Queue 

We started the week off with listening to each other’s fun weekend news with broad discussions as well as introduced this week’s theme, “Shops and Shopping”. We spoke about different kinds of shopping malls, things we can buy and learnt basic concepts like money, price and change as well as activities like buying and shopping.

Phonics and Writing

We did revision this week on some of the English we have done throughout the year, such as sight words, letter sounds and recognition, patterns, sequencing as well as blending CVC words.


We did tons of revision this week. We continued to practice counting from 1-30 as well as count backwards from 30 – 1.  We also did a lot of practical learning to develop math’s skills using concrete objects and fun math’s games. The Squad had a fun shopping experience.

Life Skills:

With focusing on our moral conscious theme: “Being judgmental”, we explained to the Squad that it is okay to be different and talk about the differences they observe however, they must speak with kindness and must not judge others based on race, speech, and clothing.  Everyone is unique and special in their own way; we need to have compassion.


For Afrikaans we did a recap of colours, numbers, body parts and simple greetings.


We Wanna Know ...

Are you an IN STORE shopper or an ONLINE shopper?


 Dates to Diarise: 

22 Nov – SS Graduation

25 Nov – CC & SS Outing

5 Dec – Hooked on Books during School

6 Dec – Christmas Party

7 Dec – Break Up Day


Lots of love

Teacher Carla, Teacher Hayley and the Smart Squad Assistants

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