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The Farm: Farm Animals

May 20, 2022


Farm Animals




Circle & Sphere





Ff – Farm

Wow! What an awesome week we have had of learning and lots of fun. During ring time we enjoyed discussing weekend news, our new theme, colour, letter, number, and shape of the week. We also enjoyed learning why a sphere is a 3D shape and not a 2D shape as well as some of our farm animals.

Writing and Phonics: This week the Squad worked on sight words such as he, she, look, play, on, no, I, here, is, in, the, me, at, it, we, said, yes. We introduced three new sight words “come”, “for” and “this”. We watched a short video on the Hen and then did sequencing on the order that the story went. We introduced syllables, everyone caught on to this quickly and were able to do the syllables of many different words including their names, well done Squad!

Mathematics: This week we recapped our numbers from 1 to 20 as well as counting in 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. We did subtraction sums by crossing out circles to get our answers. We also did a fun worksheet where we had to determine how many animals were in their herds and which one was “more” or “less”.  We did an addition worksheet where we had to count the number of animals and write the answers.

Life Skills: Persevere and do not brag – We discussed the importance of always trying your best no matter what, even when you fail, you must always try again because you never know what might happen, as well as to stay humble and not make others feel like they are less if they do not win.

Creative Art: We enjoyed painting and making our pigs using paper plates, buttons, and googly eyes. We are also making many art pieces for our art expo; we are so excited and can’t wait for you all to see them!

The squad have really impressed us so far!

Thank you and have a great weekend. See you all on Monday.

World BEE Day!

BEE thankful, BEE positive, BEE cool …

But most of all …

BEE kind!

 Dates to Diarise:

Haircut Day: 8 June

Hearing Tests: 13 June

Bike-a-Thon: 15 June

Public Holiday: 16 June

School Holiday: 17 June

Book Character Dress Up Day & Break Up Day: 24 June

Mid Term Week Break: 27 June (no school, no Holiday Club)

Back to School: 4 July


Lots of love

Teacher Carla, Teacher Hayley and the Smart Squad Assistants

What a BAAAA – eautiful Week!

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