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Under The Sea

Nov 3, 2023


Under The Sea


Dark Blue


Circle & Cylinder





Uu – Under

Moral conscious theme: Ocean Environment Consciousness: These two weeks were focused on how we can keep our oceans clean. How important it is that we throw our litter away responsibly and recycle because everything could end up in the ocean and that can affect our sea creatures. We also spoke about what food we can get from the sea and how we make sure that there is always more and that it does not run out. 

Writing and Phonics: We are currently busy with our assessments, could we please ask that your child attend school every day so that we are able to assess them correctly. We are pleased with how far our Squad have come. We have been covering our word family’s “op” and “og” and writing corresponding sentences.  

Mathematics: For maths we completed addition and subtraction sums up to 20 – showing the Squad that you can calculate in different ways. Counting on method, jumping frog number line method and using our fingers / concrete objects. It is important for the children to see how it is possible so that they have the abilities going forward to help them.  

Creative Art: For art we let the children create their very own octopus using paper plates and party streamers. We also drew beautiful under the sea pictures. We are so proud of how far they have come with their abilities. 

Music and Cooking: For cooking this week we discussed how we cook fish as opposed to cooking meat. Graduation is around the corner and the Squad are practicing their poem lines and songs for the special evening. 

FunFit Sports: Due to mid-term there was no FunFit sports this week but last week the children were enthralled in a very competitive game of ten pin bowling.  

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. 




 Dates to Diarise: 

7 Nov: Haircut Day

8 Nov: Shopping Activity (during school)

10 Nov: CC Entrepreneur Market

15 Nov: HH Outing

22 Nov: SS Graduation

24 Nov: CC & SS Outings



Lots of love

Teacher Carla, Teacher Hayley and the Smart Squad Assistants

Our ‘SCHOOL’ of Squaders!

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