Term Dates

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        Term Dates for EcoKids Preschool 2019
TERM 1          
OPEN   Wednesday 9 January      
BREAK-UP   Thursday 11 April      
MID TERM   Friday 22nd and Monday 25th of February    
HOLIDAY CLUB   There will be a holiday club program in the April Holidays
The Private schools return date for Term 1 is the 16th of January
This is very late in the year to return to school.
EcoKids will go back to school on the 9th of January instead of the 16th
This is 5 School Days early
We will take these 5 days off during the school year when it is logical or there is Holiday Club
  TERM 2          
  OPEN   Monday 13 8 May      
  BREAK-UP   Thursday 8 August      
  MID TERM   Monday 1st till Friday 5th of July    
  HOLIDAY CLUB   There will be a holiday club program in the August Holidays
NO Holiday Club during mid-term break.
EcoKids will return to school on the 8th of May and NOT the 7th of May like other private schools
This is 1 day of extra holiday club
This is to compensate for the 5 days we returned early in January
TERM 3        
OPEN   Wednesday 4 September    
BREAK-UP   Friday 6 December    
MID TERM   Friday 25 October and Monday 28 October
HOLIDAY CLUB   Holiday club will run until the 13th of December