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Theme: Me and My Senses

Jan 29, 2021

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Theme: Me and My Senses

Colour: Yellow

Shape: Square

Number: 2

Letter: Bb

Moral Conscience Theme: Treating our Friends with Care.

“We use our hands to feel, we use our hands to feel. Rough, smooth, soft and hard, we use our hands to feel!”

Although the rain put quite a damper on things this week, it didn’t stop us from having loads and loads of fun during this very exciting theme!

On Monday and Tuesday, we had to spend most of the day inside due to the rain, so we used this time to discuss our theme in detail. We asked the Bugs lots of questions about which parts of our bodies we use for our different senses. Our eyes to see, noses to smell, hands to feel, mouths to taste and ears to hear. We also did lots of singing – singing in soft voices, loud voices, deep voices and squeaky voices – putting our Auditory (hearing) sense to use.

The rain finally gave us a break on Wednesday, and we took this opportunity to go exploring outside, engaging our Tactile (touch) sense by finding leaves, bark, grass, dirt and flowers and feeling the different textures of each one. We also explored our Gustatory (taste) sense, which happens to be The Busy Bugs teachers’ favorite activity throughout the entire year, by doing a taste exercise using cocoa powder for bitter, icing sugar for sweet, salt for salty and our favorite – lemon juice for sour. We just love watching the different reaction and facial expressions caused by the lemon juice and we always end up in fits of laughter!

On Thursday we explored a little bit more tactile as well as our Olfactory (smell) sense by creating textured and scented paint. We used the following in these colours:

Purple- Cloves

Pink- Nutmeg

Yellow- Crushed Garlic

Dark Green- Oregano

Orange- Sand

Light Green- Salt

Red- Flour

Blue- Oats

These Bugs had so much fun getting their fingers dirty and exploring the awesome sensory aspects of the paint.

Friday, we explored our Auditory senses some more by playing with musical instruments, banging drums, shaking bells, knocking sticks together and listening to the different sounds from the piano.

So, as you can see, we had a very busy and exciting week and look forward to many, many more with your awesome Bugs! Teacher Gemma has missed all of them so much this week and can’t wait to get back to all of the smiley faces and mischief soon.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all next week.

Lots of love

The Busy Bugs Teachers and Assistants!

Next weeks theme: Health and Hygiene

Please could we ask everyone to send your child’s toothbrush and toothpaste, clearly labeled, in a Ziploc bag by Thursday, we will be brushing our teeth after lunch on Friday as a fun activity.

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