Theme: Recycling and Caring for our World

Jun 25, 2021

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Theme: Recycling

Letter: Rr – Recycling

Number: 2

Shape: Triangle

Colour: Green

Moral Conscience Theme: Responsibility to the Environment

This is our JAM! A theme so close to our hearts. So special to us at EcoKids. We are so passionate about teaching the next generation to respect and preserve the Earth. We just love making something new out of “nothing” and we love it when we can see that they have a concept of recycling from such a young age – then it becomes normal and ingrained in them and it is just “what they do”…

We had great fun picking up (strategically thrown) “rubbish” to put it into the correct recycle bins – such a fun and worthwhile activity! We practiced our cutting skills with scissors and ripped up newspaper for our beautiful, recycled Earth pictures. We also used the hammer and smashed some coffee pods down to make petals for a gorgeous, recycled flower! We hope it finds a place in your home somewhere… This was a great fine motor activity and is always good for letting off steam and expending extra energy! It is amazing what beautiful creations can be made from 100% recycled items… even the wood we used was offcuts from carpenter Sammy’s workshop!

This week we focused on learning colours and hand eye coordination with Brad for FunFit Sport. Yoga is going so well and the children are really improving every week.

We are so heartbroken to see so many children absent and not having fun at school but we totally understand. We too, feel like the world is going a little bit bonkers at the moment. All we can do is send prayers and hope to all of you during this ridiculously difficult time – for ALL of us. Keep safe, try to stay as healthy as you can and try to stay at home as much as you can. We love and miss all our Pups and their siblings (some of whom we have not even met yet…) Corona must LEAVE us all alone now….

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you on Monday. Keep us informed of any decisions you make and remember, we will all get through this together and the only thing we can do is actually have a positive outlook, “keep calm, and carry on”…

Much love,

Teresa and Jules, Thandeka and Thandy


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