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Theme: Health and Hygiene

Feb 5, 2021

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Theme: Health and Hygiene

Colour: Green

Shape: Triangle

Number: 3

Letter: Cc

Moral Conscience Theme: Concept of an Apology

Wash, wash, wash your hands, get them very clean… do the scrub, do the scrub, germs are very MEAN!

What a healthy week we have had! We learnt all about the different ways of staying healthy and hygienic! Covering your mouth when you sneeze and cough (but not with your hand, with the inside of your elbow instead), how to wash our hands properly after playing outside and going to the toilet, how to properly wash your body in the bath and shower and the most fun activity this week… brushing our teeth! Our Bugs loved the practical, hands on lessons we had this week and are definitely a healthy bunch of kids!

We sang lots of health and hygiene songs and performed all the actions to them, as well as practicing all of the ways to stay clean. We washed our hands with soap and water every day before snack and lunch, we practiced brushing our hair in the mornings and of course on Thursday and Friday, brushed our teeth after snack! This was a HUGE hit and the Bugs absolutely loved it! We are very proud to say that most of our Bugs can brush their teeth by themselves, some even taking it to the next level and brushing their tongues as well!

For Art this week, we made a few things.

  1. We used the ink stamping technique to create awesome colourful germs. We dripped blobs of paint onto our page, folded it in half and pressed down. And when we pulled it open, there were very cool, OOEY GOOEY Germs!
  2. We used playdough, pipe cleaners, toothbrushes and googly eyes to create loose parts, Reggio Emilia germs. The bugs had so much fun squishing, poking and decorating these germs!
  3. We incorporated the colour, shape and number of the week by colouring a triangle picture in green, counting the 3 points of the triangle and decorating it with 3 different stickers.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you all next week!

Lots of Love

 Next Week’s Theme: Valentines Day and My Emotions

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