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Nov 22, 2021

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Travel & Holidays









Hh – Holiday

We had so much fun learning about the different places we can travel to last week. The Crew have such lovely memories and can tell their teachers about their holidays. Thank you for being so enthusiastic guys!

We completed three worksheets this week, two were letter based and the third was number orientated. The Crew had to follow simple and complex instructions (this is an assessment criteria), they all did really well! This week we read three Letter Land books for story time. Namely; the letter of the week ‘h’, the letter ‘i’ and the letter ‘g’. We are introducing the concept of before and after so for example, ‘which letter comes before ‘h’ in the alphabet.’ This also falls under assessment criteria. The Crew have participated so well this week with new terms and concepts. Congratulations boys and girls!

The worksheets included different types of activities, they had to colour, trace, find, circle and match letters. They have all come such a long way! The number worksheet was a counting and matching one the Crew had to colour the picture, count how many items and then associate it with the correct number. Great work!

For art this week, we made our very own passports! They found it so interesting! We explained that we get boarding passes and we need passports to travel. They also watched a few short clips of people going on planes and how the process works being in an airport.

One of the things we have introduced these past few weeks is Sight Words. at the end of each Letter Land book, there is a sight word such as ‘cat’ or ‘mat’ etc. They have turned this into a little game where they sound out each letter to form the word. Wow, they surprised us with how quickly they get the word right! Have some fun with them and let them try some sight words at home.

Our year-end fun day at Eco Tree Parks is coming up, please could you return the indemnity forms! The Crew are getting so excited and we are going to have an absolutely amazing time.

Have a fabulous week ahead!



I packed my trunk and in it I put ...

This is such a fun game to play with your kiddies during those long hours in the car on the way to your holiday destination!

Plus … it is a great way to boost their memory skills!

There are two things children should get from there parents:




Please remember:

Christmas boxes for your child’s art

Flash sticks for reports 

To complete the Holiday Club Google form



Lots of love

The Curious Crew Teachers and Assistants

Pack your bags and take a trip through our week!


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