Welcome to EcoKids Preschool

EcoKids Pre-School opened in January 2014. An amazing preschool in Benoni with a fresh, eco-friendly approach. Offering a creative and stimulating curriculum, warm environments for emotional development and character building, socially nurturing spaces for pre-schoolers. We learn through PLAY and there are great outdoor play areas for exploration and instilling a sense of wonder in the natural world. We have an open door policy and you are welcome to join us during school time to see the teachers and children on a normal school day. A school is not a building, facilities and equipment … it is all of that plus… passionate, involved teachers AND happy, stimulated children!

Learning Through Play

Children at EcoKids are free, inspired and happy! Comfortable in their surroundings and encouraged to play, explore and discover! This is how they best develop a deep-seated love of learning. Our teachers are experts at guiding this discovery, asking open ended questions that lead to countless possibilities and open the doors to the processes of thought, deduction and conclusion.

All four of these aspects of a child’s development are vital and interdependent.


Your child will learn to communicate successfully both verbally and non-verbally. To engage in the world around them, make new friends and gain the confidence, self-esteem and negotiating skills necessary for a lifetime of healthy relationships.


We focus on the physical well-being of your child so they grow up healthy and safe. At this young age it is it is where and when their fine, gross motor skills are developed. Co-ordination, mobility and exercise will ensure your growing child has a healthy, agile, flexible and strong body.


Children enjoy a safe, nurturing “home away from home” where they can learn to express themselves and understand their own unique identities. Your child will gain the comfort and confidence to forge trusting relationships, value their individuality, and have fun just being themselves. Through understanding of their routines and the boundries, children feel secure and confident which is an emotional state conducive to learning.


Our age-appropriate cognitive games and activities build brain power. We introduce high-quality children’s literature to promote a love of reading. Children are introduced to basic elements of Maths, Geography and Science and we encourage children to explore, question and learn by experiencing the world around them whilst developing their concept forming abilities.


EcoKids accepts children between the ages of 3 months to 6 years (Grade R)


As parents ourselves, we deeply empathize with the challenge of entrusting your precious baby to daycare. We recognize the immense trust you place in the caregivers you’ve selected to care for your little one – your heart outside your own.

Rest assured, my team and I are dedicated to creating a nurturing, secure, and affectionate environment that feels like a second home for your child. Each tiny individual under our care is cherished and tended to with utmost love and attention.

We understand that every baby is unique, progressing at their own pace. The first year of life is a whirlwind of milestones, from the enchantment of discovering new sounds and sights to those unforgettable first steps. In our care, we take pride in fostering an atmosphere where play is synonymous with learning, providing ample encouragement for your child to achieve these significant milestones.

Within our EcoBabes classroom, we offer a rich tapestry of experiences tailored to fuel your child’s innate curiosity. Our commitment to quality care is reflected in our child-to-teacher ratio, ensuring that each little one receives the personalized attention they deserve. With one teacher and two full-time assistants overseeing a maximum of ten children, we prioritize individualized care and support to nurture your child’s development every step of the way.

Playful Pups

The Playful Pups classroom is a warm and happy space where our little learners enjoy a positive first experience of school. Our Playful Pups Teachers are qualified teachers with warm and fun-loving natures, building confidence and trust with their young students.

At this age, language development is key to emotional growth. Sensory experiences and social interactions will help develop communication and cognitive skills. Themed activities encourage children to explore concepts such as texture, size, shape and weight through a variety activities. They are gently guided in their play to incorporate all aspects of learning.

The key to engaging a child at this young age is the quality of relationship formed between the child and their teacher.

Child/Teacher ratio: 1 Qualified Teacher & 1 Full-time Assistant per max. 15 Children

Turning 2 in the current school year

Busy Bugs

The Busy Bugs classroom has different spaces for imaginative play, creative activities and quiet concentration. The engaging environment inspires imagination and enthusiastic engagements.

Imaginative play is important at this age as language skills develop and social bonds begin to strengthen. Group activities such as painting, baking and gardening teach team work and participation.

Story time requires concentration, discipline and teaches vital listening and comprehension skills. All essential aspects to their daily routine.

Child/Teacher ratio: 1 Qualified Teacher & 1 Full-time Assistant per max. 15 Children

Turning 3 in the current school year

Happy Hoppers

At this age relationships have evolved and bonds of friendship strengthen. Friendships build confidence and inspire discovery and collaboration amongst peers.

It is at this stage where you can begin to enjoy the open minded, problem solving abilities, lateral thinking and uncomplicated approaches of children. Exploration of their own capabilities leads to a better understanding of their concept of self and they develop a great sense of pride as they become more and more independent.

Your child will also begin to more of our intramural activities developed especially for their age group, building stamina, self-awareness, participation and concentration skills.

Child/Teacher ratio: 1 Qualified Teacher & 1 Full-time Assistant per max. 15 Children

Turning 4 in the current school year

The Curious Crew

During this year the academic program begins to step up. The environment incorporates opportunities for children to learn through carefully planned activities that challenge each child, building skills in language (e.g. reading and comprehension), math (e.g. counting, sharing and sorting), and science (e.g. colour mixing, baking and weather studies), in addition to physical activity, music and art.

Respect for self, others and the environment are always at the heart of the EcoKids philosophy. By this age children are competent and confident, to face everyday challenges and opportunities and are successful, caring individuals.

Child/Teacher ratio: 1 Qualified Teacher & 1 Full-time Assistant per max. 15 Children

Turning 5 in the current school year

Smart Squad

At this stage we start working hard to prepare for Grade 1 readiness. The early morning sessions are dedicated to numeracy and literacy time.

Our Smart Squad enjoy learning at an energetic academic pace and are extremely well prepared by the end of their Grade R year for the challenges of Primary School. Along with all the formal work and intramural activities, the teachers set up contexts of learning for the children to discuss possible solutions and scenarios.

These attributes will remain with them and lead them to happy and successful school career ahead.

Child/Teacher ratio: 1 Qualified Teacher & 1 Full-time Assistant per max. 15 Children

Turning 6 in the current school year

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Our Facilities

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

To learn more about construction methods used in the school, follow the builders on our Builders Blog – fascinating!

At EcoKids we believe that a beautiful environment brings out the best in a child. Stimulating all the senses through well laid out, engaging spaces. We provide a dynamic blend of serene colours, natural materials, relaxing sounds and calming scents that combine to create an environment to maximize learning and play.

The building of the EcoKids school features a new trend in construction and in childcare. Where innovative thinking, aesthetic appreciation, imagination and curiosity are challenged, nurtured, and valued. Where an environmentally-friendly build compliments a natural, healthy setting.

Our school is located in an environmentally sensitive wetland area with breath-taking views that instil a sense of wonderment and freedom.

The physical building meets international standards for environmentally sustainable construction and offers unique features such as:

  • Solar-energy heating
  • Grey water recycling
  • Thermal resistance rating 10 times that of conventional buildings
  • Use of as much Natural lighting as possible
  • Odour-free, VOC free paints
  • Eco-friendly play equipment as far as possible
  • Natural, healthy meals
  • Natural personal care products and earth-friendly cleaning materials throughout the school