Our Kitchen

The EcoKids Kitchen

EcoKids has a fully equipped kitchen and a wonderful team of efficient and well trained staff overseeing the operation, hygiene and preparation of healthy (and sometimes not so healthy, but completely cool) food!

School Menu

EcoKids is proud to serve children food that is prepared fresh daily.  We are committed to serving children high quality, delicious, nutritious mid-morning snacks, lunches and afternoon tea made from fresh, healthy and organic (when possible) ingredients.

Half Day Pupils 9:30 AM    Mid-morning Snack
12 PM    Lunch
After care pupils 3 PM    Afternoon Snack

A basic menu may be requested from the school at any time.

Above images are examples of the kinds of cooking the children do during cooking classes and not meals.

We believe that food at mealtime should be a wholesome plate of food that looks like a meal mom would serve and not a happy meal. This is so we do not encourage fussy eating habits where children only eat meals that look like a ‘happy face’ or a ‘teddy bear’.



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