RECYCLING turns things into other things… and that is MAGIC!

It still amazes me at the beauty that can be found by someone who takes the time to perceive objects in a different manner. With a little bit of imagination, we can illustrate how easy it is to recycle and reuse so much of what we would normally throw away … thereby giving our children the satisfaction of creating whilst saving our world little by little!

Below is a list of items to collect. Please feel free to offload at reception.


/rèmedía/ Concatenation of {recycled media}, place where recycled materials are processed, sorted and stored for use in creative and functional projects of artistic and educational value.

  • Recycled Materials to Save for Our REMEDIA
  • Paint and Paintbrushes (used but not dead)
  • Crayons (broken is cool)
  • Markers (dried out is fine)
  • Paper ( construction plans, gift wrapping, crepe, tissue, stickers, candy wrappers, paper bag,
  • shredded, confetti, cardboard, etc…. you name it)
  • Gift Bags (Big Big Please!)
  • Glue (any kind as long as it is not dry)
  • Tape (any kind)
  • Glitter, pom poms, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, beads, etc.
  • Play dough or Clay
  • Styrofoam (packing noodles or big pieces)
  • Strong Cardboard Boxes
  • Milk Bottles (white)
  • Laundry detergent jugs (like stasoft)
  • Plastic pump bottles (water bottles, handwash bottles)
  • Corks
  • Paper Towel Rolls
  • Egg Cartons (any kind)
  • Interesting plastic containers, cups, and tubs (plain, any colour, preferably without printed
  • writing or pictures)
  • Spice containers and shakers (all types)
  • Pringles Cans, formula tins or similar
  • Ribbon, yarn, string, rope
  • Buttons and beads of all description
  • Wire (plastic, metal, thin thick…. just not barbed)
  • Fake plants and flowers
  • Old nail polish
  • Fabric scraps
  • Unwanted scrapbook supplies
  • Netted veggie bags (lemons, onions, butternut, gems)
  • Broken or unwanted jewellery
  • Plastic Lids and Caps
  • Unwanted CD’s and CD boxes, cassette tape boxes
  • Old Picture frames
  • Broken or unwanted candles
  • Unwanted small plastic toys, legos, wood blocks (or pieces there of)
  • Marbles
  • Puzzles (even odd pieces)
  • Gently worn clothing (jeans, tee shirts, ESPECIALLY lonely socks in decent shape)
  • Storage bins and baskets
  • Shaving cream and bath bubbles needing a home
  • Sea shells, seed pods, interesting nature items
  • Feathers, interesting rocks, weird wood
  • Unused Paper plates and those old fashioned paper doilies
  • Cotton stuffing, fibre-fill, or batting
  • Old pegs … or new ones
  • Spray bottles, squirt bottles, droppers and vaporisers (anything with a cool nose)
  • Rubber bands all sizes and colours
  • Bubble wrap, sponge wrap
  • Old Books, old maps
  • Wood pallets, wood scraps
  • Cardboard
  • Lip balm sticks and stick deodorant containers
  • Cal-C-Vita containers and similar
  • Ice cream sticks or similar
  • Plastic spoons, knives and forks (great to make and decorate with)
  • Old plastic file dividers and binders
  • Silver foil paper from inside cereal, crackers or the seal of a bottle
  • Big juice or water bottles

Any interesting material you can imagine a creative use for!!!!
It will all be put to fabulous use!!

To download this list please click here