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Mar 17, 2023


My Pet









Pp – Pets

Woof-woof! Meow! Sssss! Tweet! These are the sounds we heard this entire week. It has been so much fun this week seeing all the pets that came in through these school gates! There were so many wonderful animals visiting us. The children had such fun seeing and touching them!

We played a game where we showed the Pups pictures and asked them which pet was their favourite?

We had fun talking about all the different pets you can have and what pets the Pups have at home! Some of them definitely know the names of their beloved pets – too adorable! It is lovely to chat to the children about these everyday things and see how they learn. We spoke about looking after and feeding your pet and making sure they are always happy and safe.

During our art activity we explored some messy play. We made some salt dough and created some adorable little pets which we will be keeping for out art show. Two little hands experiencing all the dough between their hands and fingers. Some pf the Pups loved this experience but others didn’t seem so sure about this squishing and squashing the salt dough. All we did, as the teachers, was encourage the Pups to play and enjoy this experience. We eventually helped the Pups create some salt dough pets. So cute!! We also did some marble paint rolling for art which the Pups also thoroughly enjoyed! What another wonderful week of learning, singing, dancing, and playing!

Please remember to label everything and send a change of clothes to school with your child (please start including a long sleeve top and long pants, and a warmer jacket, as the weather can turn so quickly) and please remember to trim nails this weekend.

Next week Monday is a school holiday and Tuesday is a Public holiday so it will be a 3 day week.

Have a stunning weekend, keep safe and see you next week!

Next week’s theme: Occupations and people who help us


We Wanna Know ... Are you a Dog or a Cat Person?


 Dates to Diarise:  

20 March: School Holiday

21 March: Public Holiday (Human Rights Day)

25 March: EcoKids Sports Day


Lots of love

Teacher Cecilia and the Playful Pups Assistants

Happy Pups!

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