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Spring, Flowers, Planting & Trees, Plants, Wood, Paper

Sep 16, 2022


Spring, Flowers, Planting & Trees, Plants, Wood, Paper


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Vv – Vase & Tt – Trees

Term 3 Week 1

We had a very busy and exciting week! Spring is definitely in the air and we are having to strip down children of all the layers by playtime! What a wonderful time of the year. This week was all about spring and flowers and we chatted about the warmer weather and what happens when it gets warm! The sun rises earlier so we don’t have to wake up in the dark! We don’t have to wear so much clothing to school or else we will get too hot! The sun shines down on us and we have to start wearing sun hats instead of beanies! It is time for lots of water and sunscreen and maybe even ice lollies! Yum! When the warmer weather comes, the rain also comes! Rain is very good for the Earth and we need it so that the plants grow. We start seeing little blossoms and tiny green leaves on the plants and trees and that means it is definitely spring! The most wonderful season! The bees start buzzing around and pollinating the flowers so in summer time we can have yummy fruit! We were not able to show many different kinds of flowers to our Pups as the cold keeps snapping at us and the flowers seem to be late, but they did see lots of blossoms!

In order to understand the moral theme of the week, we sang our school song a lot as it talks all about how much we love nature and the plants and trees, and how we never step on bugs because we are the children of EcoKids! In this way we learned about respecting nature. Our children know that when we find a bug or a spider, a frog or even a snake, we let it go so it can go home to it’s mommy and daddy. Also, it is important to teach our Pups that plants in the garden are growing! And alive! So if you want to pick a flower or two, that’s okay, but we don’t need to pull off leaves or pick all the flowers because plants belong in nature!  

As always, please keep nails short and label all items coming to school. A lot of children have the same water bottles so please label your child’s bottle in a distinctive way and show them how you have done it so they know which one is theirs. If you haven’t yet, please send a sun hat or two to school. Also, if you would like to contribute a piece of art for our art expo silent auction this year, let us know! We always love having the input and contributions of parents at our events.

Term 3 Week 2

I can’t believe we have been back at school for two weeks already. What made this week even more special was that we had three new little Pups start their school journey with us and we have been so happy to welcome them! Little Charli, Luka and Kirsten. Welcome to the EcoKids family! 

We enjoyed a lovely long walk on the plot, exploring our surroundings and discovering different things about trees, leaves and plants. We enjoyed a stunning ring time outside under a huge African Acacia tree. The children were particularly impressed with the dried seed pods that became like shakers! The children loved breaking the pods open to see the “baby seeds” inside. We used them as musical instruments during our ring time. What a blessing it is to be able to walk around and enjoy nature when nature is your theme!

With the lovely found treasures from nature we collected, we came back to the classroom and explored the different ways we could combine them to make some stunning transient art! Not all the children were keen to participate in this activity but we didn’t force anyone as it was the second week back and everyone was settling in. What was so amazing and interesting to see is how uniquely and beautifully the children combined these materials to make different things. We had little stacks of bark and leaves, rows of tiny seeds and flowers placed so carefully on bits of bark, mounds of sticks built up into little castles… their imaginations are endless!

We can’t ignore that it was photo week which always results in a bit if craziness… When dealing with children and cameras, you never really know what might happen. 

Thank you for a lovely week! We are so ready for this term and we are so excited about all the exciting things we are going to do now that the weather is warmer and we will be able to go outside and get dirty and busy, busy!  

Have a wonderful weekend!

 Next week’s theme: Countries and Cultures



Are you a Summer person or are you a Winter person?

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 Dates to Diarise: 

Hat Parade Day: 23 Sept

Public Holiday: 24 Sept

Haircut Day: 5 Oct

Break Up Day & art Expo: 20 Oct

Mid-Term Break: 21 – 24 Oct

Back to School: 25 Oct

Mommy & Me Yoga (PP, HH, CC): 27 Oct

Mommy & Me Yoga (BB, SS): 28 Oct



Lots of love

Teacher Cecelia and the Playful Pups Assistants

Our Blossoming Pups!

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