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My Pet

Mar 17, 2023


My Pet









Pp – Pets

Woof-woof! Meow! Tweet-tweet! These are just a few of the sounds that could be heard throughout our classroom this week! The Bugs absolutely loved this theme and had so much fun telling us all about what pets they have and what their names are.

There are so many different types of pets, most are considered “normal”, and others… not so much!

We spent this week discussing the different types of pets, what they eat, what toys they like to play with and the different names they can have. We can tell by how these Bugs talk about their pets, that they love them very much!

We had so many gorgeous pets come to visit us this week:

Wednesday: Georgia brought her doggie, Nonsense

Thursday: Ella brought her cockatoo, Milly

Friday: Rourke brought his hamster and tenrec

Our art this week is getting added to our collaborative art piece from the past 3 weeks, and will only be available for display at Art Expo!

For cooking this week, we made adorable treats for our pets at home. Please note, these are not for hoomans!

To make these delicious treats we used:

2 cups of flour

2 jars of sweet potato purity

Mix it all together, roll it out and cut out your biscuits.

We hope your fur babies love these!

We hope you all have a lovely long weekend, and we will see you all back next week Wednesday!

Next Week’s Theme: Occupations and People who help us

We Wanna Know ... Are you a Dog or a Cat Person?


 Dates to Diarise:  

20 March: School Holiday

21 March: Public Holiday (Human Rights Day)

25 March: EcoKids Sports Day


Lots of love

Teacher Gemma, Teacher Monette and the Busy Bugs Assistants

Happy Bugs!

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