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Nov 22, 2021


Travel & Holidays









Hh – Hot

“Cos’ we are flying in an aeroplane, looking out the window, watching the clouds go by. Flying in an aeroplane, looking out the window, up so very high!”

Last week we learnt all about the places you can go to for a holiday, and how we get there. We spoke about bush holidays, beach holidays and overseas holidays, what we can see when we go to these places and the different ways we can get there. There are local places you can go to that are nice and close, like Harties, Sun City, the Kruger or the Vaal … these are place that we can drive to. Then there are places that are a little bit further away but can still be reached by car (or airplane) like Durban and Cape Town, and then there are the places that you have to take an airplane to, these places are very far and are mostly in other countries like Disney World, Paris and so many more!

 We asked our Bugs if any of them have ever been on an airplane before. Most of them answered yes, but of course we weren’t 100% sure… hee hee! We spoke about the man or lady who flies the airplane and learnt that they are called the Pilot and the people who help us find our seats, bring us food and keep us safe are called flight attendants.

We also discussed what items we take on holiday. A suitcase filled with clothes, our toothbrush and toothpaste and of course, a camera to take lots of awesome pictures to show everyone.

Which brings us to our art this week. Our Bugs got to colour in cameras and then go on a nature walk to “take photos” of everything they could see. We then “printed” these photos by asking the Bugs to cut out pics of their favourite holiday from a magazine, and to then stick them under their cameras. The Bugs absolutely had so much fun doing this activity and it was also an amazing fine motor skill builder for them.

Thank you to everyone who sent items for show and tell, we loved seeing all of the exciting things your Bugs brought to share.

We hope you all had a lovely, relaxed weekend!


We were so impressed!

We asked all of the Bugs if they knew which type of car their Mommies and Daddies drive and we were very impressed to hear that most of them not only new if it was a “big car” or a “small car” but also what make and model they are!

We asked them who usually drove the car when they went on holiday and most of them answered “Daddy.”

There are two things children should get from there parents:




Please remember:

Christmas boxes for your child’s art

Flash sticks for reports 

To complete the Holiday Club Google form



Lots of love

The Busy Bug Teachers and Assistants

Pack your bags and take a trip through our week!


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