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Aug 6, 2021


Colour: Orange

Shape: Diamond / Rhombus

Number: Recap 1-50

Letter: Nn

Moral Conscious: Keeping Promises

Space is one of our most anticipated themes of the year! We had so much fun this week and there have been endless discussions about how vast space is. We were pleased to hear how many planets the Crew knew. Well done to Miguel for knowing the most planets without any assistance.

We started the week off with an introduction on Space, the children looked at different pictures and then we watched a YouTube clip. During story time this week many different facts were discovered about Space and then they were asked questions the following day yo see if they could remember which planet is the hottest and which planet is the largest. They did so well!

We completed a few worksheets this week that focused on the shape of the week which is the Rhombus or Diamond. We also coloured in and traveled to space when the children had to draw their very own face inside of an astronaut helmet. They were so creative and we love it when they get so enthusiastic about their work!

Art this week was such a blast because there were so many ideas and so many different things that the Crew wanted to do. We decided to complete star constellations which the children traced on top of a light table and then stuck stars to complete the star patterns. A very well done to Ethan R for correctly telling the class what a constellation is. We were so pleased! For our next art work the Crew completed a three-part piece.

For the very first part the children had to paint their cardboard black to form their background. They then used a toothbrush and flicked white paint to form their stars. The last part was the moon. The Crew used scrambled foil as their paintbrushes to gently dab the paint to form their moon. They really loved this and thought it was such a cool idea.

Teacher Clarissa brought some space food for us to taste this week. It was so tasty and listening to all of the Crews’ opinions was so much fun. They were interested to see how they freeze dry it and how the food tastes the same but the texture is different. The children got to taste blueberries, strawberries and apple pieces. To end off the lovely week the children visited the ‘planetarium’ in the Library where they had the chance to look up at the different planets in a dark room.

Wishing you all a lovely long weekend! Please could we ask that you catch up any leftover worksheets from the letter challenge books. We will only be sending out one page this Friday and will continue next week.

Our Theme Next Week Is: Space

Love the Curious Crew Teachers and Assistants

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