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My Pets

Mar 18, 2022


My Pets









Pp – Pets

This week was a jam-packed week with lots of fun activities! We took the Crew outside into the fresh air and drew our shape, letter and number of the week with chalk. We did some perceptual exercises and practiced drawing our shapes. We did some cutting out along lines and extended this to cutting out diamonds which the Crew stuck onto a snake – and we found out that even some children have a snake as a pet!

Everyone loved telling us about their pets at home and it was so exciting when some of the children brought their cute pets to show all of us! Seeing their excitement and pride for their animals was so sweet! We read some lovely stories this week, all about pets and courage and our letter of the week P. Thank you to Ariana for bringing some great books for us to read!

We made cute origami puppy faces that the children folded all by themselves – we are so proud of them! We continued to work on fine motor and pencil grip with various exercises. This is so important and we encourage you to keep working on this at home too 😊

We made a dog/cat tag for an imaginary pet that the children each had to name. We loved some of the names that they came up with, their sense of humor and imaginations are so awesome! We then threaded them onto collars that we made which turned out to be so cute! We might just keep these for art expo too 😉

We started training for our Sports Day at FunFit Sports which was so much fun! We can’t wait to see how the Crew perform on the day!

During Cooking we made biscuits for doggies! So please give them to your dogs if you have any. Thank you to those who brought their pets to show this week. The children really did love it!

Next week’s theme: Occupations and those that help us.

Have a wonderful weekend!





This Sunday is International Day of Happiness!

Send a message on your class WhatsApp group and let us know what 

your HAPPINESS is …


 Dates to Diarise:


Human Rights Day: 21 March (Public Holiday)

Haircut Day: TBC

Prospective Behaviours Workshop: 31 March




Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Jules and the Curious Crew Assistants

Our HAPPY Crew !


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