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My School, My Class, My Teacher

Jan 19, 2024


My School, My Class, My Teacher










Welcome back and a very happy new year to everyone! We are happy to welcome all the children, old and new, back to school. We, Teacher Clarissa and Teacher Tegan, are so excited to be a part of your child’s very important year of school. Although it’s been some time since the children were at school, they were happy to be back and enthusiastically explored their new class, feeling right at home there! Welcome to our new friends Duranté, Leo, Mohammed and Kudiwanashe, we know you are just going to love every experience you have with us. 

In a lovely long morning ring time the Curious Crew told us all about the adventurous December holidays that they all had. We heard a lot about beaches and animals as well as amazing experiencing about flying in an aeroplane to their holiday destinations.  

Later on in the day we all sat down for a picture drawing session, where beforehand we explained to the Crew how to use their new twisty crayons and to share with the person next to them…Teacher Tegan and I were SO surprised at how well the Crew worked together and really looked after the new stationary! Well done you big boys and girls. 

Our moral conscious “story” for the week was our school rules, we had a lovely chat with the Crew on all their new class rules as well as old rules that we just needed to remind them of. One of the most important rules is keeping their hands to themselves. 

In the weeks ahead parents can look forward to new rhymes, interesting theme discussions and inviting Reggio Emilia artwork. We look forward to getting to know these precious little souls better, helping them to be the best little people that they can be. 

The Curious Crew were very chuffed when we told them that they will now be picked each day for special classroom jobs. Each day we will pick a boy and girl line leader as well as a helper to water our plants. Two lunch helpers are also picked and this is a favourite in the Curious Crew class, everyone wants to hand out lunch to their friends. 

In our first week back, we started off with a free drawing of ‘My first day of school’ and the Crew traced over their name and also wrote in independently. Name writing is something we will focus on this year.  

We worked on cutting and pasting skills, this is also an important skill that the Crew will have mastered by the end of the year. I love these first day activities so we can see the progress in the months to come. 

The kids had a blast drawing with chalk on our outside steps and on the deck. The Crew were instructed to draw the shape of the week, letter of the week and number of the week. Of course kids being kids, they had to draw others pictures, letters and numbers too. I was super impressed! 

I think we can give the Crew an A+ on their first week of school!  

Next week’s theme: My Body 


Do you remember your Pre School Teachers’ names?


 Dates to Diarise: 

26 Jan: Bonfire Picnic

1 Feb: SS Term Meeting

8 Feb: Abacus Parent Training Evening

12 Feb: CC Term Meeting

14 Feb: Valentine’s Disco (during school)

15 Feb: Haircut Day

20 Feb: Fire Drill

21 Feb: HH Term Meeting

22 Feb: Mid-Term Break Up Day

23 – 26 Feb: Mid Term Break & Camping Weekend

27 Feb: Back to School


Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Tegan and the Curious Crew Assistants

A Beautiful First Week!

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