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Spring, Flowers, Planting and Trees, Plants, Wood, Paper

Sep 18, 2023


Spring, Flowers, Planting & Trees, Plants, Wood, Paper


Lime & Brown


Circle & Triangle/Cone


1 – 11 & Recap



Vv – Vase & Tt -Trees

Welcome back to Term 3! How time has flown that we are already in our last term of the year ! 

We have waited for this theme for months now!  As we started our term off with a super joyful and exciting ring time , we spoke about spring , and all the beautiful things that come with it . We also spoke about the order of the seasons , and what each one entails. 

We enjoyed discussing our interesting colour of the week , and our shape which the kids enjoyed learning about. We also revised our phonic sounds and letters and well as our months of the year too. 

Even though we’ve had a 3 day week , we made the best of the days we’ve had to talk about our theme.. 


Our art activity for this week , is something small and special , that each family gets to take home and watch grow . 

Each child was given a small container with an egg carton in as well as soil , they had to plant 2 sunflower seeds in , and water it to take home. PARENTS ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO PLEASE KEEP THESE PLANTS VERY MOIST AND WET

We also enjoyed some fun worksheets , we had to really explore our creative side as we had a free drawing of what we did in the holidays , we had to do a body image drawing too , as well as practicing and revising our number formation 1-20. 

It was the perfect way to start off our 3rd term.


Teacher Hela started heart matters off in an amazing way , she focused on the topic of givers and takers , and she did an amazing job teaching the children the difference and explaining that you should feel better in your heart being giver and not a taker. 

The kids enjoyed colouring in hearts and giving them to someone they felt deserved the hearts. 

 Please remember that photos will be taken next week. 

The Curious Crew really enjoyed this theme , they really loved part taking in ring time , learning about plants , trees and paper. 

We took the time during ring time to explain how paper comes from trees , and why it’s so important to look after the trees that we have. 

We spoke about the different plants we get , and we also discussed our favourite plants . Throughout the week too , we spoke about our sunflowers at home , and just how important it is to water our little seeds.


For Art this week , we did some fun and simple activities that really got our creative juices flowing 

We did a symmetry worksheet , where each child had to copy the leave as they saw the other side , they then had to colour it in aswell. Boy everyone’s colouring is improving so much ! Well done curious crew. 

We also did a perceptual activity , where each child was given a worksheet with different leaves on , once they’ve coloured it in, they had to cut them out and place them with their matching sides. Everyone did so well in this activity. 

We also enjoyed some fun worksheets , where we had to trace our names , and practice our numbers 11-20, it seemed like everyone just enjoyed this way too much !!  


Teacher Hela took the time and focused on when we have a low self esteem, she helped the kids understand this , and also practiced ways and methods on dealing with this. It was a very practical way to get the kiddos to understand how to cope. 


Yoga Day!! 

This week we did bilateral tracing patterns, which aid in hand-eye coordination and small motor movements. 

The yogis traced a mirrored pattern using their left and right index fingers simultaneously. 

Coordinating both sides of the body shows that both sides of the brain are communicating and sharing information with each other. 

This activity can also be used as a calming breath technique. 

Teacher Yoga was so impressed with how well our yogis did with the activity!! Well done, my super stars. 





 Dates to Diarise: 

22 Sept: Hat Parade Day & Book Drive

24 Sept: Public Holiday (Heritage Day)

25 Sept: Public Holiday Recognised

4 Oct: Haircut Day

20 Oct: Art Expo

25 Oct: Mommy & Me Yoga (PP, HH, CC)

26 Oct: Mommy & Me Yoga (BB, SS)

26 Oct: Break Up Day

27, 28, 29, 30 Oct: Mid Term Break

31 Oct: Back to School



Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Ash and the Curious Crew Assistants

Our Little Spring Chickens!

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