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Health and Hygiene

Feb 9, 2024


Health & Hygiene










Here’s what happened in our Happy Hopper class this week….

We learnt all about health and hygiene. How to take a bath and the importance of brushing our teeth and our hair. We also spoke about toilet hygiene. We sang a song called “This is the way we brush our teeth!” 

For our art piece, we traced our hands, cut them out and stuck them onto paper. The one hand we toothbrush painted with green paint to represent some germs and added some tiny bits of coloured paper for the “dirty hand.” On the other hand we printed some blue circles to represent soap bubbles on “clean hands.” The Hopper enjoyed this activity so much.  

We did two germ experiments to demonstrate how quickly germs can spread and what we can use to stop spreading germs.  

Our first experiment was a science experiment where we had a plate of water and pepper floating in the plate. We explained to the children that the pepper is like the germs. As we added soap to our fingers and put our finger in the water the pepper moved to the side of the plate, showing how soap kills germs. Our second experiment was with glitter. We put some glitter on our hands and pretended that the glitter was the germs. As we touched our legs, hands, or faces the glitter would spread. We explained to the children that this is how easily germs can spread and we need to wash our hands with soap.  

Our Hoppers learnt about the letter H this week and we sounded out the letter and then we looked around the class to see if we could see if we could see objects that start with the letter H. 

Happy Hoppers Yoga:We started off with our yoga warm up with our alphabet yoga pose song. Next, we listened to the breath-by-breath yoga song. We used our breathing technique on our colourful magic orb. Inhaling as you pull the ballot makes it bigger and pushing it closed. makes it smaller as you exhale This is a great activity to improve their pincer grip.  

For FunFit Sports this week the Hoppers showed off their balancing skills. They had to balance a bean bag on their head while following a pattern on the floor, walking on the line of the pattern. 

What a wonderful week we had! 

PLEASE check your little one’s nails. Keep them short and neat. 

Our theme next week is: My Emotions, Valentines Day. 

Have a lovely weekend! 



Have a wonderful weekend!


 Dates to Diarise:

9 Feb: Bonfire Picnic

12 Feb: CC Term Meeting

14 Feb: Valentine’s Disco (during school)

15 Feb: Haircut Day

20 Feb: Fire Drill

21 Feb: HH Term Meeting

22 Feb: Mid-Term Break Up Day

23 – 26 Feb: Mid Term Break & Camping Weekend

27 Feb: Back to School


Lots of love

Teacher Katy, Teacher Cecilia and the Happy Hoppers Assistants

Our Strong and Healthy Hoppers!

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