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My Pets

Mar 18, 2022


My Pets









Pp – Pets

Dear Hopper Parents

What an exciting week we had with all sorts of pets visiting us at school!

Thank you to the parents who brought their pets to school for us to see. From big to small, we loved them all. The Hoppers really enjoyed speaking about their pets and enjoyed learning more about how to care for our pets and the different kinds of pets we get, from shells and scales to fluff and spikes!

  • Keeva brought her baby tortoise, Raphael, and her dog, Lego.
  • Natan brought his guinea pigs, Achie and Sky.
  • Kelaiah brought her dog, Gin.
  • Erin A brought her dog, Rocky.
  • William brought his dog, Cheeky.
  • Aimee brought her fennec fox, Turbo.
  • Teacher Alexia brought Piper, the Hedgehog.

 Our Hoppers were SO excited to say hello to all our fluffy, spikey and scaly friends!

 After our kiddies were introduced to Piper the Hedgehog, we decided to create our own hedgehogs! The kiddies made them out of salt dough and pasta. These creations were so cute and unique, we will be keeping them for Art Expo!

To start off our week, our kiddies had a fun free drawing session. We asked them to draw their pet. Please ask your Hopper which of their pets they drew, it may just look like scribbles to the adult eye, but there is always so much meaning and a story behind them! Free drawing is perfect for sparking the imagination!

We incorporated our letter of the week by creating a “Pp” for Pets and Puppy. We started this activity by colouring in some ears, a tail and a mouth and nose. Next the Hoppers finger painted a fluffy texture onto their “P”. The final step was to put our pup together! This activity is just one example of how we include fine motor skills, critical thinking and spatial perception, into our fun class time.

For cooking we made delicious dog biscuits out of flour, mealie meal, eggs, oil, chicken stock and herbs! These treats have been tested on our school doggies, and we can confirm that they are a big hit!!

To package our treats we made adorable “doggy bags”!

 It has been a great week.

 Our theme next week is: Occupations and people who help us. If any parents would like to come and give our Happy Hoppers a “work talk”, please arrange with your teachers.

Have a wonderful weekend!




This Sunday is International Day of Happiness!

Send a message on your class WhatsApp group and let us know what 

your HAPPINESS is …


 Dates to Diarise:


Human Rights Day: 21 March (Public Holiday)

Haircut Day: TBC

Prospective Behaviours Workshop: 31 March




Lots of love

Teacher Alexia, Teacher Kate-Lynn and the Happy Hoppers Assistants

Our HAPPY Hoppers!


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