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Wild Animals

May 27, 2022


Wild Animals




Square & Cube





Z z- Zebra

Who knows what a group of giraffe is called? Let us know on the class WhatsApp group!

Wow, what a jam-packed week we have had. We have had so much excitement this week with lots of fun activities!

During ring time we spoke about wild animals and what makes them “wild”; we also spoke about our Big 5 and birds of prey which are hunters and carnivores. Some of our Hoppers wanted to share their own experiences about being in the bush and seeing wild animals – we heard some very interesting stories!

 We also spoke about the letter “Z”, the Hoppers loved the story about “Zig Zag Zebra” and the “zzzzzzz” sound that woke her up from her nap. Please ask your Hopper what the “zzzzzzzz” was and if they remember the words we did with the “Z” sound.

 On Wednesday during playtime, we had tractor rides. Our Happy Hoppers were so excited when they heard the tractor. The eager Hoppers all waited so patiently for their turn!

For our art, we focused on birds of prey. We made an Eagle and this was a process piece of art which we did during the week.  At the beginning of the week we went for a nature walk to search for feathers and bark.  Our Happy Hoppers showed us their colouring skills and coloured in a picture of an eagle. We then stuck the eagle onto a black piece of paper and added some bark and feathers. For the finishing touch, we flicked some white paint on the black paper to make some stars and added a sponge painted moon with a little bit of glitter to add some sparkle! 

We played an audio game, where we played the sounds that various wild animals make and the Hoppers had to guess the name of the animal. Some animals like the lion, were quite easy to identify, but other sounds like a Buffalo and Rhino were a bit trickier! This was such a fun guessing game and our children enjoyed it thoroughly!

 It has been a great week!

 Remember to dose up your little ones with extra vitamins, it is getting a lot colder and there are lots of germs going around.

Our theme next week is: Land, Air and Sea Transport

 Have a safe and lovely weekend!


All good things are WILD and FREE!

 Dates to Diarise:

Haircut Day: 8 June

Hearing Tests: 13 June

Bike-a-Thon:15 June

Public Holiday: 16 June

School Holiday: 17 June

Book Character Dress Up Day & Break Up Day: 24 June

Mid Term Week Break: 27 June (no school, no Holiday Club)

Back to School: 4 July


Lots of love

Teacher Kate-Lynn and the Happy Hoppers Assistants

Our Young Wild and Free Hoppers!

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