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Autumn, Birds, Migration and Easter

Mar 28, 2024


Autumn, Birds, Migration & Easter




Cross & Oval





Oo – Oval

This week we had loads of fun with all of our activities! 

We are so proud of our Pups and how well they have adjusted and adapted to our school and their classroom, and we are very proud to say that there are almost no more tears in the mornings!  

This week we learned about Autumn and Easter. Because there is so much to learn about Easter, we decided to stick with the fun stuff like the Easter bunny and eggs (all the other stuff will start next year when they are a little older and are more able to understand). We learned a very cool song called Hop Little Bunny, I’m sure all the Pups will be able to sing the song if you ask them! 

For our art this week we made our own Easter eggs using pasta and painting over it with different colours, the Pups also felt the texture of the different pastas that was used. They enjoyed it so much! 

We also made a cute Easter card using eggshells and handprints on the front page. Some of the Pups were not too keen of the texture He-he! 

We also did an activity using our colours: Different colour were on the carpet, and I asked the Pups to show me where each colour was. They did so well! 

All-in-all we have had a super successful week filled with fun and learning! Thank you for being amazing parents and for trusting us with your Pups!  

Here is the song we sang this week just in case: 

See bunnies sleeping ’til it’s nearly noon 

Shall we gently wake them up with a merry tune? 

They’re so still 

Are they ill? 

Wake up soon 

Wake up, little bunnies! 

Hop, little bunnies 

Hop, hop, hop 

Hop, little bunnies 

Hop, hop, hop 

Hop, little bunnies 

Hop, hop, hop 

Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop 


Are your alarm clocks set for the Easter Bunny on Sunday morning folks?


 Dates to Diarise:

29 March – 1 April: Easter Weekend

11 April: Break Up Day

12 April: Holiday Club Starts


Lots of love

Teacher Monette and the Playful Pups Assistants

Our Happy Pups!

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