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Autumn, Birds, Migration and Easter

Apr 7, 2023


Autumn, Birds, Migration & Easter




Cross & Oval





Oo – Oval

I can’t believe Term 1 is over already. It has gone by so fast it’s incredible!

We are so proud of our Pups and how well they have adjusted and adapted to our school and their classroom, and we are very proud to say that there are almost no more tears in the mornings!

This week we learned about Autumn. What happens to the leaves during Autumn? What happens to the temperature and weather in Autumn? And all about the birds, called swallows, that come out during Autumn time!

For our Autumn art, we used red, bronze and gold glitter, sprinkled it onto a laminating sheet, helped our teachers push it through the laminator and assisted the Pups cutting the smaller of the 3 leaves. We then strung them up and made a beautiful Autumn leave mobile.

We also learned about Easter this week. Because there is so much to learn about Easter, we decided to stick with the fun stuff like the Easter bunny and eggs (all the other stuff will start next year when they are a little older and are more able to understand). We learned a very cool song called the bunny pokey. We put our bunny ears, paws, noses, tails and whole self in and out and shook them all about.

We made a paper plate Easter bunny and beautiful Easter card, and melted chocolate to make Easter Bunny suckers.

All-in-all we have had a super successful term filled with fun and learning! Thank you for being amazing parents and for trusting us with your Pups!

We hope you have a lovely Easter weekend and a wonderful school holiday! See you all in the new

Wishing All Our Christian Families And Friends A Happy And Blessed Easter ...


 Dates to Diarise:  

7 – 10 April: Easter Weekend

11 April: Holiday Club Starts

27 April: Public Holiday (No Holiday Club)

28 April: Last Day of Holiday Club

1 May: Public Holiday (No Holiday Club)

2 May: Staff Return (No Holiday Club)

3 May: Term 2 Starts!


Lots of love

Teacher Cecilia and the Playful Pups Assistants

First Term Done And Dusted!

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