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Dinosaurs – Under The Soil

Aug 5, 2023











Dd – Dinosaur

These past two weeks have landed up being very WILD and LOUD! Raaaawrrrrr!!!! 

 A huge favourite amongst our boys and girls. We have had so much fun exploring the magical world of dinosaurs these two past weeks.  

It is amazing how much the Pups already know about these amazing, legendary and extinct creatures… what IS IT about DINOSAURS?! 

We spoke about all sorts of dinosaurs and we were extremely impressed with the pronunciation of these little people. Some Pups could say brachiosaurus, tyrannosaurus, pterodactyl, triceratops… the list goes on! We learnt that some dinosaurs were soooo big and others were a lot smaller. Some had feathers and some had scales! Some could fly, some could swim, some walked on two legs and had tiny little arms, and some walked on four legs and had really big feet like an elephant! Some had exceptionally long, sharp, scary teeth and they ate meat! We call them carnivores! Others had smaller teeth and ate plants, and they are called herbivores! We don’t know exactly what the dinosaurs looked like, but we think they looked something like lizards do now!  

So, when we painted our dinosaur art this week, we made sure to make it very colourful! Oh, what FUN we had! We made a special surprise dinosaur which you will see at our art show. We also made some fun making dinosaur headbands. The Pups loved our sensory activity. It was dinosaur eggs. We used plastic dinosaurs inside frozen water balloons.  

We have had a fantastic two weeks, but we can tell the children are tired, sick of winter and in need of a break! Please remember to fill in your holiday club forms in if you want your child to attend holiday club. 

PLEASE remember to label EVERYTHING that comes to school with your child. Please also remember to cut nails.  

Next theme: Term 3 – Spring flowers and planting. 







Keep Warm!


 Dates to Diarise: 

8 Aug: Pyjama Dress Up Day

8 Aug: Break Up Day

9 Aug: Public Holiday

10 Aug: Holiday Club Starts

1 Sept: Holiday Club Ends

6 Sept: Term 3 Starts!



Lots of love

Teacher Cecilia and the Playful Pups Assistants

We think our Pups are RAWWWWR-SOME!!

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