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Travel and Holidays

Nov 24, 2023


Travel & Holidays




Square / Recap





Hh – Hot

We learnt all about travelling and going on holiday.  

We spoke about the most popular holiday places in South Africa, and a few overseas too. We learned about Sun City, Durban, Cape Town and camping sites. We studied pictures and spoke about adventures. A few Pups entertained us with their holiday stories. I also shared some photos with the Pups from my very recent holiday in Italy two weeks ago that I got to enjoy for my 50th birthday. 

We named the items that we would need to take on holiday: sunglasses, sunblock, towels, clothes, umbrellas and everything in between. We pack all of this in our suitcase and bags. We fly to our destination by airplane, or we travel by road in our cars. We then used a free painting method to paint a large piece of paper, and then helped Teacher Cecilia fold it into an airplane so that we could throw it into the air and make it fly. 

We also built a beach which is everyone’s favorite holiday destination! {This was our sandpit.} We pretended to be on holiday and after that we sat and ate ice-lollies which were so welcomed in this very hot weather. 

On Friday we had Teacher Anita’s birthday and it was AMAZING! We decorated some plates with birthday messages and broke a few in a good Greek way of celebrating it was so amazing. Thank you to everyone who contributed towards spoiling our special Teacher Anita in the way she deserves to be spoilt!  

We hope you have a lovely weekend and have a good rest before the excitement of the final 2 weeks of school! 

Next week’s theme: Christmas 



What is your DREAM destination?


 Dates to Diarise: 

4: Magic Show

5 Dec: Christmas Party

6 Dec: School Break Up Day

7 Dec: Holiday Club Starts

15 Dec: Holiday Club Ends


Lots of love

Teacher Cecilia and the Playful Pups Assistants

Our Little Jet Setters!

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