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Wild Animals & Birds of Prey; Mommies & Babies

May 12, 2023


Wild Animals & Birds of Prey; Mommies & Babies






1 & 2 



Zz – Zebra

This has been the most amazing week for so many reasons! We missed our Pups so much over the holiday and it’s just so amazing to have them back!  We sure have had a ton of fun at school this week even though it was such a short week. There was so much to learn about! Wow! This Wild Animal theme is such a fun and interesting one.

We began our art piece by making a pair of binoculars to take on an adventure walk to see what “pretend” wild animals could see. We also made a paper plate lion … this was a lot of fun and we have decided to keep it for our Art Expo.

We did a lot of puzzles building this week and the Pups are really getting good at this activity.

Thank you all for bringing in recycled materials to rebuild our art supplies. Please continue to set aside anything we can use for art. Please also bring us any toys you are throwing out. We can always find a home for them, if not with us, then with one of our charities.

Then BOOM we went straight into our new week.

Mommies and Babies and Mother’s Day

Colour: Black

Number: 1

Shape: Square

Moral Conscious: Mommy knows best – respect authority

Then, it was Mommy week! The kids LOVED it! All the children had a great time playing mommy or daddy and it was so lovely to see their nurturing natures come out. Children are so naturally gentle and kind! And they know what to do when they see a baby and a pram. It was adorable. Don’t be scared to buy your boy child a doll if he wants one – they are practicing to be great, hands – on dads! We chatted about mommies and what they do for their children, the names of animal mommies and their babies (for example, a dog and a puppy!) and we chatted about where a baby grows, what a baby needs and how to look after a baby.

We made a special present for mom this week. We were out in the sunshine planting a very special plant for mom and made a very special card for mom that we attached to the plant. This was a great sensory activity even though some little bodies weren’t so eager to get their hands dirty.  We also made an amazing lip balm for you moms, out of Vaseline coconut oil and honey.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable week and it is great to be back.

A few reminders in general:

  • Keep nails short, to avoid scratching accidents.
  • Start your child on a multivitamin like Crèche Guard (if you haven’t already) to try beat the winter bugs going around. Also, please refer to the Sick Policy and keep children who are ill at home so we can minimize the spread of colds and flu.
  • Label, label, label EVERYTHING! … In winter there are many more items of clothing coming to school and during the day as it warms up, we tend to remove layers and then things get very easily mixed up and sent home with the wrong child. The playground looks like a cupboard at the end of playtime as the children strip off layers and just drop them as they warm up. Lazarus then brings us what he thinks is ours based on size but it would really help if everything had a label. Keep warm and get back to us safely on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend.  We look forward to another fun week of learning.

Next week’s theme is: The Farm: Fruit and Vegetables



We know it can get tough out there moms ... Thank you for all that you do!


 Dates to Diarise:  

19 May: Haircut Day

2 June: Hearing Tests

7 June: Haircut Day

15 June: Bike-a-Thon Day

16 June: Youth Day (Public Holiday)

23 June: Book Character Dress Up Day and Break Up Day

26, 27, 28, 29, 30 June: Mid Term Break

3 July: Back to School


Lots of love

Teacher Cecilia and the Playful Pups Assistants

We Missed These Faces!

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