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Winter, Temperatures, Fire and Ice

Jun 23, 2023


Winter, Temperatures, Fire & Ice









Ww – Winter

The Pups had so much fun exploring this interesting and fun theme! We started off the week by doing an amazing “water colour” painting with food colouring and an ice block! The children loved to touch the ice block which we used as a brush and explore the different sensations on their fingertips! The idea was to drag the wet ice block over drops of food colouring on a piece of paper. The water from the ice block made beautiful patterns with the food colouring and afterwards, the children sprinkled salt over their creations to make it look even more interesting and unique. The salt brought out the true colour of the food colouring to create truly spectacular patterns and paintings.  

We did some concert practice. Singing, dancing and having fun.  

On Wednesday morning we spent a fun time playing with balloons (and practicing to blow them up!) and then we played with our playdough to exercise cold fingers! Teacher Cecilia made a snowman for all the pups to see an example of what they could make out of salt dough. We then let the children create exactly what they wanted, and we are so proud of the results! The children had an absolute blast making their salt dough snowmen. They are all so unique and we have decided to keep them for our art show. 

The children had a great week learning all about winter, although they know all about what’s cold and what’s not, so they were able to tell us so much this week! We are very proud of how well they are all talking and growing up so nicely. Well done little Pups!  


Next week’s theme: Remember we are on Mid-term break next week but when we come back our theme will be: Reptiles. 

Have A Wonderful Mid-Term Break! ... Keep Warm! ... Safe Travels To Those Going Away!


 Dates to Diarise: 

3 July: Back to School

5 July: Reptile Day

7 July: Hearing Tests (details to follow soon)

12 July: Haircut Day

15 July: EcoKids Concert

18 July: Nelson Mandela Day

21 July: Eye Screening


Lots of love

Teacher Cecilia and the Playful Pups Assistants

Fun Activities To Keep Warm!

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