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Land, Air and Sea Transport

Jun 7, 2024


Land, Air & Sea Transport









Jj – Jet

IB Principle: Balanced – This week we focused on the importance of balance by using a seesaw as an example. We explained four parts: thinking, feeling, doing, and being. Balance means making sure all four parts get equal attention, like keeping a seesaw level. 

  • Thinking: learning new things and using your brain 
  • Feeling: taking care of your emotions and being kind 
  • Doing: playing, creating, and taking action 
  • Being: relaxing, reflecting, and being yourself 

We explained to the Squad that if we balance all four parts, we feel happy, healthy, and strong! Just like a stable seesaw. 

Writing and Phonics: This week we focused on letters sounds a-z as well as sight words. The Squad did a worksheet on syllables where they had to clap the syllables of each object on the picture e.g. “Mex-i-can” to determine how many syllables are in each word and then cut out and pasted them where they belong. They grasped this new concept well and were seen trying to clap out the syllables of their friends’ names too. Hehe super cute – Keep it up Squad! 

Mathematics: This week we focused on counting to 20 and back, as well as practiced drawing 2D shapes and their properties. The Squad did a worksheet on “addition with 10 frames” to complete the sums by depicting what is missing, such as 6 + (_) = 10, they counted the open blocks and added the number 4 in the given space.  

Cooking: For our cooking class this week the Squad used their creativity and fine motor skills to the max by making their own ships (Transport theme). They started with a base made from half an apple, then added syrup and Rice Krispies to create the ship’s structure. Next, they added a triangular cheese flag on a toothpick and a jelly baby “human” to complete the design. This made a delicious and healthy snack, great work little chefs! 

Creative Art: The Squad built their own “transport” using recycled materials such as old video cassettes and hair curlers. They were intrigued with the materials they used and were impressed with their wonderful creations. (boats, rockets, cars, bikes) – Each one uniquely spectacular!  

 Have a wonderful weekend! 


We wanna know folks ... what is your DREAM car?


 Dates to Diarise:

14 June: Bike-A-Thon

16 June: Youth Day

17 June: Youth Day Holiday

19 June: Hearing Tests

28 June: Book Character Dress Up Day & Mid Term Break Up Day

8 July: Back To School




Lots of love

Teacher Carla, Teacher Hayley and the Smart Squad Assistants 

Our Squad!

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