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Feb 24, 2022











Ss – Safety


Our week started off with our exciting weekend news.  The children love interacting and listening to their friends’ news.  Our new theme was introduced, and we spoke about how we can keep ourselves safe and about the people that keep us safe.

During literacy we went over our sight words: “look, in, the, me, at, he, here and she”. We are so impressed with the Smart Squad and their reading progress. We went over the letter of the week and introduced our next 3 letters; P, Q, R. We spoke about the name of the letters and the sounds they make.  We also named words beginning with those letters. We did a beginning sound phonics worksheet and were very impressed by the children!


We did some finger warm up exercises and started practicing the correct formation for P, Q and R on our white boards. The children then had to write those letters in their books. We also did a stranger worksheet where the children had to copy off the board.


This week we focused on simple addition up to 5. We used concrete objects to explain the method and did some addition sums in our workbooks. We also practiced counting in 2’s by circling all the even numbers in our math’s books.

Life Skills:

We spoke about stranger danger and who would be classified as a stranger. We also spoke about why we shouldn’t trust someone just because they “look nice”.

What a great week it has been.

See you all next week.

Have a fabulous midterm break.

Next week’ theme: My Family





This week we did a fire painting. The children used red, orange and gold glitter to paint the fire.

They then stuck down black strips of paper to make a silhouette of a burning house. 

The Squaders loved this activity!


Dates to Diarise:


Mid-Term Break: 25th – 28th Feb

(no school, no Holiday Club)

Rare Disease Day: 1 March

Pet Demo: 15 March

Haircut Day: 16 March





Lots of love

Teacher Amber, Teacher Carla and the Smart Squad Assistants

Safe, Smiling, Smart !


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