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Nov 12, 2021


Shops and Shopping









Qq -queue

Wow what a week it has filled with tons of excitement!

Our week started off with listening to each others fun weekend news and interacting in a broad discussion of each others weekend.   

Our theme this week was Shops and Shopping. We had a lot of fun discussing what our favourite shops are. We also discussed what we buy at the shops as well as what types of shops we go to. We spoke about what we use to buy our favourite things. We discussed the type of money we use in South Africa. We had so much fun going to our very own EcoShop! We got to choose 5 of our favourite items and pay for them at the till. The children absolutely LOVED this experience!  We had the Curious Crew market day as well. We took our knowledge learnt to buy some more of our favourite items. We ended off the week with Mommy/Daddy-and-Me Yoga. Definitely a week filled with FUN!

Writing and Phonics:

This week we focused on our “op” and “ob” word family. We learnt our new words and did the “op” beginning sound worksheet. We also wrote our “op” and “ob” words in our books as well as our weekly sentences with the word family words. The children continued to write their sentences and words without our writing cats. We are really so impressed with them! The children wrote their own shopping list filled with all the things they wanted to buy.


We completed an addition worksheet, which they did all on their own without the help of their teachers. We are so proud of them! They also learnt the concept of money as they shopped for their favourite things at our EcoShop.

Life Skills:

We spoke about ‘Being Judgmental’ and why it is so important to not judge our friends or others. We need to be accepting and understanding all the time.

We are in full swing practicing for our graduation. The excitement is definitely kicking in!




The Real Meaning of Christmas!

Please don’t forget that our 12 Days of Christmas initiative starts on Monday. Keep an eye out for the daily reminder messages of what to bring. We never really realize how fortunate we are until we see the needs of others. This initiative is an amazing way to help those who need it the most!

Nearly there people….

It is that time of year again, the crazy time where everything just gets busier and chaotic although festive. Let’s stay safe, healthy and push to the end of the year (can’t believe we are nearly there!) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Only 3 short weeks of school left! Don’t forget to look out for the Holiday Club Registration Form coming your way soon!

Holiday Club will run from the 8th till the 17th of December. 


Lots of love

The Smart Squad Teachers and Assistants


Pics from a ship-shape-shopping week! 


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