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Dinosaurs and Dinosaurs Under the Soil

Jul 30, 2021

Theme:  Dinosaurs and Dinosaurs Under the Soil

Colour: Silver and Green

Sound: Dd and Vv

Shape: Sphere and Cone

Number: 1-20

Moral Conscious Theme: Smart is better than strong. Working together.

What we got up to these past two weeks:

We introduced the themes; Dinosaurs and Dinosaurs Under the Soil. We discussed what dinosaurs are and what different dinosaurs there were as well as which dinosaurs were carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We also discussed that some dinosaurs can fly while others remained on land. We discussed what we thought happened to the dinosaurs millions of years ago that caused their extinction, it was no surprise that our clever children knew that a big meteor came down to earth and blew them all away. We discussed what fossils are and that people who study fossils are called paleontologists. We pretended we were Paleontologists and went for a nature walk to discover some fossils. The children had a lot of fun during this activity.

Phonics and Writing

During the last 2 weeks we introduced our last two ‘A’ family words; ‘at’ and ‘ap’ family words. The children identified different words that have the ‘at’ and ‘ap’ sound in them. The children then segmented the words by identifying the letter sounds in those words. Once the children were comfortable with these family words, they then completed a matching the word to the picture worksheet as well as practiced writing these words as they sounded them out. We practiced writing sentences onto our white boards and once the children were comfortable with their writing abilities they wrote the sentences into their books using the head tummy and tail. The children have impressed us so much with their handwriting abilities, we think they are ready for their thin lined books, which we will introduce from next week. We also revised all of our sight words that we have learnt so far.


During these past two weeks we focused on number sequencing as well as identifying what number comes before and after. We completed a concrete activity using number cards on the carpet. The children had to identify what numbers were missing in the time line. Once the children were comfortable with this concept, they completed worksheets on missing numbers from 1-20 as well as from 10-1. The children also completed a fun dinosaur colour by number activity. They are colouring in beautifully!


We have had a busy two weeks constructing the most beautiful and fun art pieces. We started off by creating a Pterodactyl. We cut a paper plate in half which represented the wings and pasted different colours and patterned tissue paper onto it. We then attached the cut out body parts of the Pterodactyl to the wings. These are so cute! We made a beautiful dinosaur silhouette by painting the background of the paper in a variety of colours. We then used a dinosaur stencil made from an x-ray. The children then used a sponge to dab the paint in the cut out dinosaur stencil onto their page. We absolutely loved this art piece, which will be kept for our art expo. This week we created our own dinosaur fossil art piece. We painted the paper with coffee using a sponge to create a rock like colour. The children then drew a picture of a dinosaur fossil onto their coffee painted picture. We had so much fun creating a sensory dinosaur bath bomb with a little surprise in it. This was a lovely activity as the children were able to get their hands dirty while creating something so exciting!

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Teacher Daniella, Teacher Kim

Our next theme is: Space


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