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Travel and Holidays

Nov 22, 2021


Travel & Holidays









Hh – Holiday

Can you believe that we are almost at the end of the year!

This theme really gets us in the holiday spirit and we got so excited talking about our favourite type of holiday and where we would like to go this December.

Writing and Phonics: This week we focused on our “ot” word family. We learnt our new words and did the “ot” worksheet. We also did our “ot” word family sentences without our writing cats. We can’t believe how far our Smart Squad children have come from the beginning of the year. The children also drew a self-portrait and reflected on how much they have grown throughout the year.

Maths: We recapped addition and subtraction and did some practical examples before practicing addition and subtraction sums in our maths books.

Life skills: We spoke about what loyalty means. We spoke about making promises and making sure we keep those promises.

Creative: We started with some Christmas art to get us in the holiday spirit and continued to practice for our graduation.  


I packed my trunk and in it I put ...

This is such a fun game to play with your kiddies during those long hours in the car on the way to your holiday destination!

Plus … it is a great way to boost their memory Skills!

There are two things children should get from there parents:




Please remember:

Christmas boxes for your child’s art

Flash sticks for reports 

To complete the Holiday Club Google form



Lots of love

The Smart Squad Teachers and Assistants

Pack your bags and take a trip through our week!


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