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Cooking and Food

Nov 27, 2021


Cooking & Food




Rectangular Prism





Ff – food

Cooking is always a fun theme and the children just love it! They love engaging in free role-play-cooking and they cooked up a storm using our classroom kitchen and utensils.

We have been working on letter recognition and have been singing Jolly phonic songs to reinforce this. To reinforce our letter of the week we did a playdough activity with the letter Cc. Keep practicing Hoppers! 

During Cooking this week with Chef Nombuso, we made a Healthy Fruit platter.  The Hoppers cut up apples, bananas and watermelon.  They enjoyed this after their mid-morning snack on Wednesday. Our children worked so independently and carefully with butter knives to cut up all the fruit. Well done to all of them!

  We learnt how to prepare the foods and cook them, and we learnt all about the kitchen, utensils, cooking and braai safety.

We had a fun spaghetti sensory play on Thursday, where the kids had their own bowl of spaghetti and could string it out, create a picture or just gobble it up – which most of the Hoppers preferred to do! Even though it was cold, they found it delicious.

To incorporate our colour of the week, each Hopper got given a piece of paper and a blob of purple paint to free paint to their heart’s desire.

Our Hoppers created a very special picture birthday booklet for our amazing Principal Anita! Each Hopper drew a very special picture. She absolutely loved it!!

It has been a great week.

Our theme when we return to school will be: Christmas!

Have a safe and lovely weekend.

What the Hoppers like best!

We asked the Hoppers what their favourite food is …

Pizza, hamburgers and prawns seemed to all be winners!

Please remember:

Christmas boxes for your child’s art

Flash sticks for reports 

Last few items for our 12 Days of Christmas Charity Drive



Lots of love

The Happy Hoppers Teachers and Assistants

Spicing up our week with super fun activities!


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