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Me and My Body

Jan 21, 2022


My Body










This week has been lovely, with our Hoppers settling into routine, and forming those very important bonds with their friends and teachers.  We have enjoyed getting to know all of the children and their little individual personality quirks.

This week our theme was “My body”! We have had so much fun learning about our bodies and loved doing the activities for this theme. We have been focusing a lot on fine motor skills this week, with exercises such as; gluing buttons, finger painting and drawing self portraits.

Our activities this week included a finger dot painting where the children created ants for our letter of the week. This activity helped our learners with letter recognition and pronunciation. They also put their fine motor skills to work where they glued little buttons onto a worksheet which displayed our number of the week, number one! Last but not least, our self portraits! Our kiddies completed a “I Can Draw Myself” worksheet where they drew their interpretations of themselves. We love self portraits from our kiddies as it gives us the perfect opportunity to see the children’s drawing development over the year!

We also did some gross motor stretching exercises and had fun learning songs and following a clap rhythm. We especially enjoyed “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. We spoke about the abilities of our body parts. Hands can throw and feed us, feet help us walk, mouths help us talk. We also spoke about our organs inside our bodies, our hearts, brains and many different body functions.

It has been such a fun week of learning!

Have a safe and lovely weekend!

Next week’s theme: My Senses



Wiggle The Sillies Away!

Our Hoppers sure do love their music and movement sessions on the mat! This is the perfect time to wiggle all those sillies out and have a good giggle with friends! 

Dates to Diarise:

Bonfire Picnic: 28 Jan

(weather permitting)

Mid-Term Break: 25th – 28th Feb

(no school, no Holiday Club)





Lots of love

Teacher Alexia, Teacher Kate-Lynn and the Happy Hoppers Assistants

Busy Bodies!


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