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My School, My Class, My Teacher

Jan 19, 2024


My School, My Class, My Teacher










Moral conscious theme: School Rules – we spoke about how rules are important because they keep us safe and they allow us to have an environment that flows smoothly. One of our rules is that we do not run in class and that is because we could get hurt or hurt others. We also spoke about how there are rules in most establishments and not only in schools. 

Writing and Phonics: We started the year off by introducing ourselves and discussing what we did for the holidays, the children were so excited to share their stories. We also went over our letters of the alphabet (sounds and letter names).  

Mathematics: For maths we counted to 30 and in 2’s. We were pleased to know that the Squad know their numbers. We also went over our 2D and 3D shapes – they even learnt a new song that helps with this! 

Creative Art: This week was focused around settling the children and making sure that they are ready for the year ahead. They decorated their pencil holders (tins) and this is something they will use for the remainder of the year. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! 


Do you remember your Pre School Teachers’ names?


 Dates to Diarise: 

26 Jan: Bonfire Picnic

1 Feb: SS Term Meeting

8 Feb: Abacus Parent Training Evening

12 Feb: CC Term Meeting

14 Feb: Valentine’s Disco (during school)

15 Feb: Haircut Day

20 Feb: Fire Drill

21 Feb: HH Term Meeting

22 Feb: Mid-Term Break Up Day

23 – 26 Feb: Mid Term Break & Camping Weekend

27 Feb: Back to School


Lots of love

Teacher Carla, Teacher Hayley and the Smart Squad Assistants

A Beautiful First Week!

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