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Jul 22, 2022











Nn – Night

We have had such a fun week learning about Space. We learnt a little rhyme that helps us remember the planets in order from the sun. The poem goes like this:

My (Mercury), Very (Venus), Energetic (Earth), Mother (Mars), Jumped (Jupiter), Straight (Saturn), Under (Uranus), Nine (Neptune), Planets (Pluto).

We also spoke about how Pluto is a dwarf planet and the sizes and colours of all the different planets. Ask your little one which planet is the hottest and which is the coldest?

Writing and Phonics: This week we continued to recap our “a” family words as well as our sight words. We also focused on ‘ap’ words such as cap, nap, tap etc. We had to add our sound buttons and then sound out each letter, we are impressed with their abilities to recognise the letter and their name. We also had a worksheet for the children to complete where they were given a picture and the word, and they had to match them.  We continued to write in our thin lined books. We wrote senteces with our sight words and our “ap” family words.

Maths: In Maths we practiced we went over subtraction sums up to 20, for example: 20-1=19. We are pleased to see how much the children have grown and how they are able to work independently. We also recapped counting in 2s,5s and 10s. We ask that you continue this revision at home as this will help them in Grade 1 and going forward.

 Life Skills: Keeping promises means being consistent in what we say and do. It helps children feel secure and teaches them the concept of commitment. As teachers, we may promise a favourite activity once the children have completed a less enticing activity, such as tidy up time. We look for opportunities in the classroom to show examples of commitment and the importance of keeping promises.   

 Art: The children really took to this theme; they always enjoy talking about Space and how vast it is. We created two art pieces this week, one was naming our very own planet and making an alien to go along with it (they were adorable, and we will be keeping it for Art Expo). The next creation was their very own space rocket which they built all on their own. Well done, Squad!

 It has been a great week.

See you all next week.






This Sunday, the 24th of July,

we celebrate all of our

wonderful EcoGrandparents out there! 


 Dates to Diarise:

Pyjama Dress Up & Break Up Day: 5 August 

Holiday Club: 8 August 

Public Holiday: 9 August

Holiday Club: 10 Aug – 2 Sept

Set Up Day: 5 Sept (NO SCHOOL)

Back to School: 6 Sept


Lots of love

Teacher Carla, Teacher Hayley and the Smart Squad Assistants

Our Squad Are Out Of This World!!

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