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Spring, Flowers, Planting & Trees, Plants, Wood, Paper

Sep 16, 2022


Spring, Flowers, Planting & Trees, Plants, Wood, Paper




Semi – Circle & Triangle/Cone


1 – 10 & 11



Vv – Vase & Tt – Trees

Term 3 – Week 1

Welcome back everyone to a very busy but fun-filled third term. We couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling and start working with our kiddies that we missed so much. It was a short week but we managed to get tons done.

Writing and Phonics: On Tuesday we recapped our sight words and were pleased to see that the children practiced over their holiday. Well done everyone! We also added two new sight words, ‘to’ and ‘do’ – reiterating the ‘o’ sound with these two. Lastly, we wrote sentences using our CVC words.

Maths: On Thursday we recapped counting to 30 and back. Could we please ask that this is revised at home especially counting backwards – it could be a fun driving to school activity. We also discussed 3D shapes and the concepts ‘sides, corners, and faces’ of a 3D shape. They then had to complete a worksheet where they the kiddies had to correctly cut and paste the 3D shapes in the correct spot. They did well with this and needed little assistance.

Life Skills: Respecting nature and our bodies is a fundamental moral to have in life. If we treat others how we would like to be treated, then we will be happy. This is what we chatted about during the week – we also sang our school song and went over recycling rules.

Art: On Wednesday we had a lovely visit from Teacher Katy, and she discussed some lovely musical concepts with the children, they really enjoy it when she visits. We have also been working hard on our art pieces for the Art Expo and we completed two projects for our Book of Me. We cannot wait for it all to come together.

Term 3 – Week 2

Writing and Phonics: We matched our new ‘e’ family words to the correct picture. We also introduced two new sight words, ‘so’ and ‘go’. The Squad wrote sentences using the ‘ed’ words and we cannot believe how everyone’s handwriting is improving.

Maths: The kiddies completed a worksheet with addition to 10. In order to fill in the missing number they had to count the number of bees, for example, 6+ (number of bees) = 10. They also completed a worksheet which focused on counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s. We noticed that they still need some practice with this concept so we will be working through this.

Life Skills: For this very important moral conscious theme, we explained to the Squad that honesty is the best policy, and we need to speak the truth. If we lie, they build up and then we cannot keep up with all the lies, so we get caught out.

Art: We had so much fun with our art this week, we made dragon eggs using salt dough and newspaper. We also made an abstract art piece that assisted with fine motor skills, the children used ear buds to dot their flowers onto a tree. They came out so beautiful that we decided to keep them for Art Expo.

 It has been a great week.

See you all next week.



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 Dates to Diarise: 

Hat Parade Day: 23 Sept

Public Holiday: 24 Sept

Haircut Day: 5 Oct

Break Up Day & art Expo: 20 Oct

Mid-Term Break: 21 – 24 Oct

Back to School: 25 Oct

Mommy & Me Yoga (PP, HH, CC): 27 Oct

Mommy & Me Yoga (BB, SS): 28 Oct



Lots of love

Teacher Carla, Teacher Hayley and the Smart Squad Assistants

Our Blossoming Squad!

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