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Nov 24, 2023


Travel & Holidays




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Hh – Hot


Moral conscious theme: Loyalty 

We explained to the Squad that being loyal is to be committed to keeping promises. We need to stand up for the people we care about such as friends and family as well as showing love and respect to others even if you do not agree with them. 

Writing and Phonics: This week we focused on recapping what we have learnt about this year. We went over our letters (names and sounds). We went over our sight words and blending sounds. Lastly, we played a rhyming game whereby we would say a word and we would see how many rhyming words we could match. They have truly blown us away with how far they have come and how much they have learnt! 

Mathematics: We played a fun game during the week whereby the Squad were given a number that they needed to trace and remember – they would then be given a few other numbers, and they would need to remember which one was their first number. This game focuses on their memory. We also went over counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  

Creative Art: We have been in a jolly mood this week, creating lovely Christmas art. We made Christmas trees using recycled materials (egg cartons, cardboard, sticks and beads). The other art pieces are going to be a surprise. 

Music and Cooking: This week we practiced for our Graduation. They truly stunned us with their performances, and we were filled with pride. Thank you for attending and we are going to be so sad to say goodbye to these Squad members, but we know that they are ready! 

FunFit Sports: This week we played cricket with Coach Trevor; they learnt the correct way to hold a cricket bat and having hand-eye coordination. Well done! 


Love, Teacher Carla & Teacher Hayley 


What is your DREAM destination?


 Dates to Diarise: 

4: Magic Show

5 Dec: Christmas Party

6 Dec: School Break Up Day

7 Dec: Holiday Club Starts

15 Dec: Holiday Club Ends


Lots of love

Teacher Carla, Teacher Hayley and the Smart Squad Assistants

Our Little Jet Setters!

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