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Healthy Eating, Etiquette and Manners

Feb 22, 2024


Healthy Eating, Etiquette & Manners









Ff – Food

What a fun filled week – as always! We learnt all about healthy food choices, using our manners and etiquette – which is a fancy word for being “posh”, “polite” and “correct”. Our Bugs learnt some big words this week including “car-bo-hy-drates!” (which is how they say it – hehe) and “protein”. We learnt that chicken, eggs, meat and fish are types of proteins and bread, pasta and rice are types of carbohydrates. We learnt that a healthy plate of food should have some of each on it, as well as lots of veggies or salad! Our Bugs all claim they love their veggies, so please hold them to that- hehe! They were able to tell us that apples, peaches, grapes and strawberries are fruit, and potatoes, carrots and broccoli are veggies … Such clever Bugs! We spoke about what “healthy food options” are, and they know that these do not include sweeties and chips and choccies … although they didn’t really agree with that!

As a fun exercise this week, we used snack and lunch times as a learning opportunity by asking the Bugs the Bugs to show us their muscles and do a few exercises to show us how much energy they had. We then told them that their muscles weren’t “big enough” and that they didn’t have enough energy, and that they had to eat their protein and carbohydrates to make them bigger and faster. They gobbled up their food so fast and one at a time, came to show us how “big” their muscles had grown and how much faster they were.

All our children are very well mannered, but we spent even more time this week re-enforcing good manners – saying please and thank you at meal times and when playing with friends, and to also not interrupt our friends or adults. This is a big one at this age as they have learnt to talk, but are still learning that they can’t talk ALL. THE. TIME. (Haha!) We are sure you’ve noticed! Hehe!

For art this week, we made talking sticks. We went on a hunt for big sticks, painted them and added glitter, and then had some help adding pipe cleaners, ribbons and feathers to our sticks. Native American tribes used these sticks during meetings, so that everyone would get a fair and equal chance to voice their opinions without being interrupted. We used these to take turns talking during ring time, and although this is a difficult concept, we feel like the Bugs did a great job!

Just a few general notes/rules.

  • Please cut nails – Scratch accidents can happen so quickly!
  • Please remember to label everything, especially jackets, tracksuit tops and long sleeve tops that are needed in the chilly mornings but tend to be ditched at playtime. Even socks and shoes!

Thank you for another fun and interesting week. Your children are all well-adjusted to their new classroom, their new friends and their teachers. We are in full swing of things now and a lovely, calm dynamic has taken over our days in class – we are having such fun learning and getting to know your children even better. It is a privilege to watch them grow up! 

Next Week’s Theme: Safety


Have a wonderful long weekend!


 Dates to Diarise:

22 Feb: Mid-Term Break Up Day

23 – 26 Feb: Mid Term Break & Camping Weekend

27 Feb: Back to School

9 March: Sports Day

14 March: Pet Demo

15 March: Haircut Day

21 March: Public Holiday (Human Rights Day)

22 March: School Holiday

29 March – 1 April: Easter Weekend

11 April: Break Up Day

12 April: Holiday Club Starts



Lots of love

Teacher Gemma and the Busy Bugs Assistants

Our Healthy, Polite, Kind Bugs!

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