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The Farm: Farm Animals

May 31, 2024


The Farm: Farm Animals









Ff – Farm

This is always such a favourite with teachers and children alike! Who doesn’t love a good, loud version of Old Macdonald?! There is so much to discuss and learn and so much to see and do. 

This week we learned all about the farm and the farm’s animals. We learned all about the different noises these animals make, and the different names that the boy and girl animals have, such as hen and rooster or sheep and ram. We learned the names of the baby animals, like chick, lamb and piglet! It was such fun pretending to be these animals at ring time! Our children have very vivid imaginations and have a lot of existing knowledge about farm animals. 

We played tons of farm animal inspired games this week. We went on a nature walk to visit the horses and feed them some yummy carrots and pet Frankie, and watch the ducks and swans swim on the pan. We made such a gorgeous piece of art this week but because it is just too cute, we are going to keep it for the art expo. 

Show and tells this week went so well! Thank you Ayana for bringing your adorable chicken and egg for us to see. We can’t wait for the rest of your turns! 

Just a reminder to please label things – everything – even if just with initials. We have had a few cases of jackets and beanies going missing but there are lots of repeat items in the school and sometimes children go home with the same / similar item that they may have at home. It takes a while to work its way through the wash and then even longer for the double to be spotted. If things are labelled it just makes life that much easier! There are many layers that come off during the day and at playtime the children tend to remove their own shoes / socks and jackets as they feel warmer so we cannot always keep track of every item. Once it is returned to our classroom with no name, we often have no idea who it belongs to.  

Speaking of shoes and socks, please encourage the children to keep their shoes on in the cold. There will always be the odd shoe or sock that gets taken off but if we could try keep feet warm during the cold winter moths that would be great! 


Please also get your concert clothes in ASAP. We got lots of work and fun things to do to them, so the sooner they are in, the better! 

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the colder nights where you can snuggle! Please keep safe and germ free! 

Next week’s show and tell will be:Caedan and Raiden 

The theme next week is: Land, Air and Sea Transport 



Have a HAPPY weekend folks!


 Dates to Diarise:

7 June: Haircut Day

14 June: Bike-A-Thon

16 June: Youth Day

17 June: Youth Day Holiday

19 June: Hearing Tests

28 June: Book Character Dress Up Day & Mid Term Break Up Day

8 July: Back To School




Lots of love

Teacher Gemma, Teacher Ash and the Busy Bugs Assistants 

Our Bugs!

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