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Theme: Occupations and People Who Help Us

Mar 26, 2021

Theme: Occupations and People who help us

Colour: Blue

Shape: Circle

Number: Recap 1-10

Moral Conscience Theme: Being a young hero


“The real question about life should be “who do you want to be?” when you grow up, not what? Faith is the blueprint of our dreams, action is the builder.”

It is always such a treat to be able to hear and listen to children’s plans for the future… they always have the most open minds and innocent thoughts and ideas and when you listen close enough, they may just alter the way you think about and process life and its decisions.

And this is exactly what we did this week.  We sat down, ask our Bugs who and what they wanted to be when they grow up, and the answers we got were priceless!  From Pilots to Princesses, Vets to Teachers, Firemen to Policemen, and Mommies and Daddies. We discussed EVERYTHING!!  From what the different occupations do during the day to what they wear to work, the different protection needed for different jobs and how they help our everyday lives.

Thank you for dressing so beautifully Bugs!  You little people are such a huge inspiration to your teachers and we can’t wait to see how your future turns out and what you really grow up to be.

For our art piece this week, we got to choose what we wanted to be when we grow up, and colour in the hat that those people wear. We had doctors, firefighters, chefs, pilots and police officers. The Bugs looked so cute in their hats!

We also did another art piece, but loved it so much that we have decided to keep it for art expo!

Don’t forget that next week is the Easter long weekend.  School will be closed from and including Friday the 2nd up to and including Monday the 5th (we come back to school on Tuesday the 6th).

Have a lovely weekend.  Stay dry and warm and use this perfect cuddle and snuggle weather to snuggle up to your amazing families this weekend.

Lots of Love

The Busy Bugs Teachers and Assistants

Next Week’s Theme:

-Autumn and Easter

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